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  1. xGaspy

    German Speakers, I need your help!

    What's up yall? I want to get a tattoo in remembrance for my mother, I want to get the word: Unforgettable, tattooed in German, but I wanted to ask true fluent German speakers for the translation so I don't end up with something ridiculous or wrong, since this tattoo will mean the world to me...
  2. xGaspy

    Thank YOU, UPS man!

    awwwww shit! look what the UPS man just brought me! MOAR LOW!!! So pumped. Variant 2's are finally here!
  3. xGaspy

    EEM Virginia Chapter!

    what's good yall! i've sent a few PM's to some members on here that i remembered were from VA, but i wanted to reach out to the rest of you guys! i've been talking with Kevin (blksunshine) about starting a EEM Virginia Chapter, so i've started the process and posted up a thread over on the EEM...
  4. xGaspy

    "Pimp" My Ride..

    i'm hella bored at work and watching old Pimp My Ride episodes off to pass the time and it's insane how hideous all these builds are. and it's so sad because as far as i can tell, the quality of these dudes work is outstanding. but holy hell, what a bunch of horribly ugly shit. the...
  5. xGaspy

    Norisring Racing on Speed Channel right now!

    on speed channel right now until 2pm they're showing races from Nuremburg, Germany @ Norisring!
  6. xGaspy

    Xbox LIVE & PSN Gamertags!

    i figured there's probably a lot of people on here with an xbox or a ps3, so post up your gamertags so we can get some gaming going on! Xbox LIVE: xGaspy PSN: xGaspy add me up and we can shoot some stuff, crash some cars and laugh a lot.
  7. xGaspy

    The Empathic Civilization

    friend of mine send me this today and i thought it was pretty awesome, if not the message by itself the art that goes along with the narrative. check it out! l7AWnfFRc7g
  8. xGaspy

    you LAUGH, you LOSE!

    tons of these vids floating around on YT..laugh you lose! RxUbwteSWVk