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    Spotted: Watadub

    black 2 door gti at AACC with license plate Watadub
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    MKV GTI Advertisement

    Does anyone remember the ad they put up in movie theaters before the previews for the GTI a while ago? I remember seeing them about 2 years ago with like an "angel" and "devil" theme. Does anyone have a pic of it or have even seen it? :iono:
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    anyone do that to their car? i got it done this morning and it seems much brighter, or maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me?
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    quick question

    is 27,900 for a r32 mkv + navi w/ 5k miles a good deal?
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    Quick question about buying a used car

    If I was buying a used mkv R32 from a non-vw used car dealership, would the car be covered under vw warranty if I bought it? Could I purchase a vw waranty if it didnt have one before? or could I transfer my current waranty on my gti to that used r32? Also, if the car has a cai in it, could I...
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    GTI to ...?

    Well I had a thread before asking if its a good idea to upgrade to an A4 2.0t but decided not do it, but now I'm deciding to upgrade to either a B6 S4 or MKV R32. Which one do you think is a better choice and why? Prices are pretty similair, except S4 would be used of course.
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    What would be a good deal on a R32 on the east coast? Any ideas? Thanks
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    Looking to buy front VW symbol

    I can't seem to find any online. Does anyone have one for sale or know a website where they sell JUSt the vw emblem? thanks
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    VS Mazda 6

    stock gti vs mazda 6 v6 auto with intake/exhaust. what would the outcome be?
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    Looking for Huffs

    Paying cash for them. Im located in Maryland so if anyone has any for sale, please PM me.
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    27k New R32

    Is that a good deal? Thats w/out navi, in the east coast, and whats the best deal anyones got on their r32? ive been searching and couldnt find a thread
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    painting lowers

    ive been to several body shops to ask about painting lowers and they all said that they cant do it because the type of plastic that is used to make it and after sanding, priming, etc, the paint wont stick very well and one rock chip will make it flake easily. is this true?
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    07 GTI vs 03 SRT-4

    Did 2 rolls starting from 30mph, both in second. Both times were pretty much even. I was pretty surprised but doesnt the srt-4 beat me in both weight and power? We both shut down around 110-120ish. Mines 6speed btw. mines stock and he has a bov, intake, waste gate.
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    BBS CK 225/40-18

    Would I need to roll the fenders if i bought those wheels? and what would be an ideal drop with those wheels? sorry if this has been covered already. couldnt find the thread
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    BBS RC

    anyone have a picture of a UG GTI with BBS RC's? Do they fit on the GTI?
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    WTB: Stock or Tinted Tail Lights (Maryland)

    PM me for how much you want for them.
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    A reputable body shop in MD?

    Anyone know a reputable body shop in MD that can paint my side skirts and rear valence UG? Also, how much do you think this would run me?
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    Letting go of my GTI..

    Trading in my 2007 4 Door UG 6MT for a Fully Loaded (except nav) 2006 A4 2.0T Quattro Brilliant Red 6MT. :happyanim: Good upgrade or no?
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    Stock vs Dropped Height

    Can I see a stock height car vs a dropped car? a pic before and after :thumbup: