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  1. trick000

    My European Delivery Experience

    BMW really knows how to sell these cars to your emotions. So we went to the BMW Welt in Munich to pick up the car. We check in at 9:30 and they process some paperwork then they tell us to wait at the lounge. They show you a schedule monitor showing your turn to pick up the car: The lounge...
  2. trick000

    Drive your Dream Pics

    I got to drive 5 exotic cars this weekend. Thought I'd share some pics and a video of me driving the lambo. Link to the tour information in case anyone's interested:
  3. trick000

    FS: Revo SPS Plus for Mkv

    This is what I'm selling: Comes with CD, cable and the unit. $275 shipped.
  4. trick000

    08 STI Video/exhaust Clips - Can't miss this!

    Yes it sounds like this stock! IMO interior and exterior look awesome!
  5. trick000

    You need a filtermag! bounce, bounce...

  6. trick000

    08 STI Vid

    It actually looks pretty good on this video. interior
  7. trick000

    Anyone else use this site for loans? I'm a lender on there. I was just thinking maybe someone should start a VW or MKV group so if someone needs a BT upgrade really bad then we can all chip in $50 for the borrower and gain 15% ROI and everyone is happy in the end.:biggrin:
  8. trick000

    When 1 turbo is not enough...
  9. trick000

    Bugatti Veyron Hill Climb

    sorry if repost.
  10. trick000

    The dig launch and roll from hell

    These are just freakin amazing street cars. sorry if repost.
  11. trick000

    What to do?

    So I'm here in Peachtree City, GA at the hotel wyndham drinking Heinekin cuz I dont know what else to do. What's there to do around here besides eat some hotlanta wings?
  12. trick000

    Possible Issues-Running Rich/Dripping Oil

    I don't daily drive the GTI anymore (wife does). I noticed a few days ago that there were some black splatter marks on the garage floor right behind where the exhaust would be. I'm thinking maybe the car is running rich? I also noticed some dark liquid on the floor where my engine would be. It...
  13. trick000


    I just had to share this video guys. The GT-R in the end is freakin ridiculous. Hope its not a repost.
  14. trick000

    STI vs Porsche

    I thought this was a cool vid.
  15. trick000

    My GTI got shifty'd! (minus roof)

    Also some glimpses of the STI. :biggrin:
  16. trick000

    Before and after

    Can you spot the difference? :headbang:
  17. trick000

    Test drove 07 STI today

    First of all, props to Mcree Subaru and my salesman Barry Waxman for letting me test drive the STI by myself. That was unbelievable after hearing stories of how bad other salesmen treat some of the other STI buyers. IMO the exterior looks badass. The interior is not as bad as others seem to...
  18. trick000

    Home brewed

    So my friend gave me some home brewed hard cider. He said it had 9% alcohol and I think he's right. This shit is strong. I'm thinking about brewing my own beer as a fun little hobby. Anybody into this?
  19. trick000

    HP Racing Evo Wheels

    Has anyone looked into this? I've searched and couldn't find anything about it here. What do you guys think? They come in our bolt pattern in 18x8s. Not sure what the offset is though.
  20. trick000

    Sexual Dolphins