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  1. Hilfloskind

    What's your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?

    This is a thread on Reddit...possibly the greatest ever. I've been reading it for two days now and still can't pull myself away from it. Some of the reveals these people tell are jaw dropping...from cum boxes to fraudulent cake makers to incest and unintentional (or intentional) murder. Some...
  2. Hilfloskind

    @ McQueen

    Thought this was pretty cool...noticed who was singing guest vocals when I got the soundtrack to Drive. WD8obvIK720
  3. Hilfloskind

    @ McQueen

    Thought this was pretty cool...noticed who was singing guest vocals when I got the soundtrack to Drive. MV_3Dpw-BRY
  4. Hilfloskind

    Anyone that appreciated the unicorn vomiting a rainbow might appreciate this: More importantly, read the reviews.
  5. Hilfloskind

    Audi S3 0-60 in 2.78 seconds anyone?

  6. Hilfloskind

    Sad trees Noticed 3 VWs in these pics, too. One being a CSG MK6 GTI and what appears to be two different MKIVs (one is hard to spot as you're only seeing part of the front grill).
  7. Hilfloskind

    THIS is why we can't have nice things...
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    Best Craigslist ad ever?

    Quite possibly so...
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    How does it feel to be the lone Formula 3000 Champion? :thumbsup:
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    Boardwalk Empire season 2...

    Starts tonight at 8:45pm Eastern, 7:45pm Central...who is psyched besides me? Such a great show...season 1 was phenomenal! Paz de la Huerta is fucking sexy as hell...looking forward to more nude scenes with her perfect boobs. :wub: SFW pic for has plenty of NSFW shots if you...
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    I love our ad system...
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    Go see it.
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    Vendor feedback forum...

    :w00t: very nice idea...I think it would be a good way to just put reviews of everyone's experiences as well.
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    ...Lotus, anyone? wtjZOf0WmdE
  15. Hilfloskind

    So proud to live here!

    And this mall is right around the corner... NUQ-dpb0CaY
  16. Hilfloskind

    OS Lion anyone?

    Alright Mac guys, who has downloaded OS Lion besides me? I got it on Friday and I'm slowly getting used to it. The reversed scrolling scheme is still messing me up but I love this full screen mode for apps. It really DOES align better with iOS devices such as my iPad. Anyone else use this yet...
  17. Hilfloskind turn...

    My little girl had been sick ALL this past week. 102.5 fever, congestion, the works... The wife took Monday - Wednesday off to take care of her...I took over Thursday and Friday. Sure enough, she is feeling better today and suddenly I'm getting hot and my throat is feeling like it's been ground...
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    Forum ranks...

    Just did a search but I have to assume I'm not trying the right keywords... Someone MUST have asked this already... What are the forum ranks and how do they correlate to the red cars you get? I just noticed mine became Formula 5000...I think I got a previous change at 1k posts but I forget...
  20. Hilfloskind

    Michele Bachmann's Story of America