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  1. clockwise33

    Please explain spark plug gap vs. tune

    The R8 coils (06E905115G) are paired with 8 range plugs in boosted OEM applications (3.0SC). These are the plugs that have worked best for my APR K04 tune (PFR8S8EG) gapped to about .025. I still get slight misses near red line but better than several different coil/plug combinations I tested.
  2. clockwise33

    PSA: Check your rocker panel for rust

    Finished fixing the rockers just in time for the nice driving weather. Cut out all the rust, cut and formed new sheet metal, painted everything inside and out with Eastwood Internal Frame Paint, riveted the new metal onto the car, covered everything with a thick layer of Eastwood Brushable Seam...
  3. clockwise33

    SACHS SRE Performance clutch

    Nice. I’ve had this clutch on a stock DMF for about five years and never had the slightest issue. As a precaution, limit how often you sit with the clutch engaged and consider a clutch switch bypass for cold starts, both will help save the thrust washers, which is becoming more common of an...
  4. clockwise33

    "Mild" motor mount options?

    I’ve got 034 Street motor and trans mounts and a poly dog bone insert and the increase in NVH over stock is barely noticeable.
  5. clockwise33

    '07 K04 GTI Misfires

    I bought these a couple years ago thinking they were OEM. When they showed up without VW/Audi logos I called and bitched them out for false advertising and sent them back for a refund. Shame they are still using that "Original Equipment" phrase.
  6. clockwise33

    '07 K04 GTI Misfires

    A few things: When I was battling K04 misfires on my APR tuned K04 setup I tried several different spark plugs and ended up finding that NGK PFR7S8EG gapped to 0.26 worked best, although I still get slight top end hesitation in cold weather. I plan on switching to a UM tune in the near future...
  7. clockwise33

    PSA: Check your rocker panel for rust

    After 13.5 years of ownership, I removed the rear wheel liner for the first time to attempt PDR on a recently acquired door-ding. The area where the wheel arch meets the rocker was filled with dirt/sand which stored moisture and caused considerable rust. I would have never seen this because...
  8. clockwise33

    Golf R Internals Swap - Opinions Welcome

    I'm starting the tear today to swap MK6R rods and pistons into my K04 MK5 GTI. I picked up the rods/pistons (pictured) from a wrecked MK6R w/ 50k miles for $155 and will be installing them w/ new bearings and rings. I went back and forth on whether to go this route vs drop-in H beams, and I...
  9. clockwise33

    Golf R Rods and Pistons in a MKV GTI

    I have a line on an affordable and low mileage rod-piston set from a Golf R and I'm contemplating putting them in my MKV as a winter project. My intention would be to shore up the bottom end in order to safely get more power out of my K04, plus I'm bored and this is the type of shit that I...
  10. clockwise33

    FS: VF Engineering Intake

    I'm selling my VF Engineering intake for MKV GTI w/ FSI engine. I bought this new in 2008 and ran it for a couple years, probably about 30,000 miles with no issues at all. I eventually switched back to the stock intake because I'm over 30 and I wanted a quieter intake. I would probably use...
  11. clockwise33

    Neuspeed P-flo steel or aluminium?

    Can someone tell me if the P-flo is steel or aluminum? I'm considering a filter on a stick for my K04, and I don't want a steel intake, I've had issues with rust on intakes in the past.
  12. clockwise33

    For Trade: 24mm H&R Rear Sway Bar

    I would like to trade my 24mm H&R RSB for a slightly smaller aftermarket RSB. The bar is two way adjustable and was on the car for about 25k miles and is in perfect condition. I would be most interested in a H&R 22mm RSB, but I'm open to offers. I'm located in Northern New Jersey.
  13. clockwise33

    Leaking valve cover gasket

    Ever since my cam chain tensioner replacement / K04 install 5,000 miles ago I've had oil leaking down the back of the motor on the trans side. I first uninstalled/reinstalled the cam chain cover with another new gasket, then updated the vacuum pump to the new design that fixes the oil leak...
  14. clockwise33

    APR 93oct K04 Requested Boost

    I was just flashed with the APR 93oct K04 tune for my 2006 GTI. I'm surprised by how high the requested boost is, as it is def higher than other APR FSI K04 tunes I've seen. Does this look right, or was I flashed the wrong tune?
  15. clockwise33

    Some MKV GTI Love from a British car reviewer

    British online car show Carfection picks the MKV as the best generation of GTI.
  16. clockwise33

    2.0T FSI Timing Chain - New in box - NNJ

    2.0T FSI Timing Chain - New in sealed box. IWIS brand (Same as OEM). $25 Pick up preferred. Located in Northern NJ.
  17. clockwise33

    Exedy OEM replacement clutch It appears Exedy makes an OEM replacement style clutch kit which will work with the factory DMF. Anyone try one? It will likely have similar torque capacity to stock, but there's a chance it may hold more. Could be an option for those looking for...
  18. clockwise33

    Huffs with snow tires for sale

    For sale are 4 Huffs with winter performance tires. Three wheels wear ContiWinterContact TS810's and one wears a Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance. All are 225/40/18. The wheels have some corrosion and are probably a good candidate for some plastidip or paint. The pictured wheel is the worst...
  19. clockwise33

    Volkswagen Racing Golf24

    440hp 2.5T AWD piece of art...
  20. clockwise33

    Driver gear springs and big sway bars...

    I've been running a 24mm H&R RSB with my Driver Gear springs and Eibach Prodamper shocks for about a year now and I'm not happy with the way the car just falls over on the front outside wheel. I'm wondering if I should go with the 28mm H&R front sway bar, or are DG springs to soft for that much...