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    Thats true , G14 , G15 ... and all of them should be backward compatible .
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    Thnx for the pdf , i didnt know about it . I think im going with g13 because g12 is impossible to find . I thought g13 was for newer models , since 2011 .
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    Hi people , anyone knows where to buy this coolant ? It seems there is no longer available . Just g12evo and g13 .
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    Mkv .:R32 belly pan part #

    Hi dudes , anyone knows the correct part # of a mkv r32 belly pan ? Im checking out etka but there are a lot of references , i removed mine yesterday and its 1K0 825 237 AG but etka says thats for Tdi engine :eyebulge:and the other reference i saw on ecstuning its 1K0 825 237 P , so which one is...
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    Some help with rubbing problems

    Hi again mates , i m posting this because im going crazy . I mounted the Cayenne 6 pot calipers on my R32 mkv with 17 mm spacers because the oem wheels rubbed the calipers , after that , i bought a 2.5 cm wider fenders because i was going to low my car a lot . And here comes the problem , when...
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    H&r spring diameter

    Hi mates , does anyone know the internal diameter for the front springs on H&R 29225-1 ? I think it's the same as stock but i need to be sure before buying the camber plates . In ground control the options i can choose are : stock diameter (85mm) 2 1/2 inch inside 60mm inside Here you go...
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    help with .:R32

    Hi men , im gonna tell you . I wanna upgrade my brakes , im thinking of mounting the cayenne calipers , but i read in other forum that these calipers are plug&play only if my kingpin are made of iron , if are made of alluminium they wont fit . Do you know if this is true ? Do you know if...