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    Any advice will be appreciated.. Just installed clutch master & slave cylinders with no success...

    Are you sure it isn't a failed thrust bearing and resultant crank walk? Are you able to take apart the bottom end to inspect?
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    Not holding charge

    How old is the battery? Voltage isn't the same as amperage. A battery can produce 13.5V and still have bad cells. There are ways to test for amperage, but it would be simplest to just swap the battery with a known good to test.
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    2008 GTI Stopped Running

    Lots of things can prevent our cars from starting. No gas. Bad throttle body. Failed low pressure fuel pump. Failed crank position sensor. Snapped camshaft chain. Bent valves. Sounds like it's turning so I guess battery and starter are good. Start with the basics. Compression test it. And, of...
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    Black smoke when accelerating + high oil consumption (?)

    Your You still haven't done wet/dry compression tests, leakdown test, or looked INSIDE the upstream IC hose.
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    Black smoke when accelerating + high oil consumption (?)

    Could be turbo. Could be rings. Do a wet vs dry compression test. Buy a scope. You can try dropping a tablespoon or so of oil down through the spark plug hole. See how quickly it disappears. Leakdown test, as mentioned, is also good. If it's the turbo, there will likely be oil on the CV axle...
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    2006 MKV GTi turbo replacement.

    FWIW, my BPY's turbo looks more like the lower turbo in your photos. Even if you can make it fit, it might have a different wastegate duty cycle than the original turbo. Best bet is to locate a metal tag on the turbo that will have both a model number (KK3) and a part number (such as 06F145701D...
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    Where are the MKV FSI Forum OG's?

    I'm not an OG. But some people simply don't want to use facebook for various reasons. And those that do are growing increasingly disenchanted with it. Why make Zuckerberg even more affluent with your content? For me, the biggest reason not to use it is that even if you pour hours and hours into...
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    2008 2.0L moneyshift

    Some ticking is normal. That would be the sound of the injectors. Is it something other than that? Rod knock? Try to isolate the location. Test the rods by trying to move the pistons through the spark plug holes. They should not move. Coolant in the catch can says blown head gasket. Oil in the...
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    Is my mpg meant to be this low?

    Lots of things can contribute to poor gas mileage. Proper tire inflation. Rubbing brake pads. But start with fresh spark plugs. Yes, it can take a while for the coolant to get to 90. That part looks normal. If you're very concerned about it, I guess you could replace the thermostat, but that's a...
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    Carbon cleaning & oil filter bracket replaced. Engine codes P0238, P0321.

    The CKP and MAP are in two totally different places in the car. Hard to believe both failed simultaneously. But they're both fairly inexpensive. So you could swap both just to see if it makes a difference. the CKP is somewhat close to the oil filter, but I don't see how oil can drip upwards to...
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    2009 TSI Multiple Misfire

    My dying turbo was also making excellent boost right up until the moment it wasn't. My advice would be to go ahead and swap the DV and PCV since those are dirt cheap. If the whistle persists, inspect your turbo for rattle at the wastegate, wastegate actuator, and especially the compressor wheel...
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    Two months after replacing Oil Filter housing, leaking AGAIN.

    Just curious. What are the symptoms of a bad injector gasket? Cylinder misfire? Loss of compression?
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    Two months after replacing Oil Filter housing, leaking AGAIN.

    Are you going to tell us the maker of this non-OEM housing? There are only two possibilities: manufacturing defect, or installation error (ie you pinched the gasket somehow). Did you put a finger's worth of oil on the new gasket before installing it?
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    Blown turbo? Maybe?

    I'm finding very little information about how to confirm relative time between the camshafts. The Haynes and Chilton describe a 3-sprocket system that doesn't even match the BPY setup. They also mention 3 special colored links in the chain which I don't have. The Bentley describes how to remove...
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    2009 TSI Multiple Misfire

    What condition were the packs and plugs in when you removed them? Any oil on them? Any smoke coming from the exhaust? Does the Oreilly scanner look at pending DTCs or just recorded DTCs? Any milkiness in your coolant expansion tank? Any mayonnaise on the oil fill cap? Are all four injectors...
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    Blown turbo? Maybe?

    Yes, removing the intake manifold is step one for removing the cylinder head. But I think valve damage is a given at this point. There is no other way to explain a zero value on a compression test. The bigger issue is determining WHY it happened so that it doesn't happen again. I'm not seeing...
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    Blown turbo? Maybe?

    For make benefit of the two people who are reading this thread, I give update. I decided to spring for a borescope. It's too important to wait for a sale. I got one of the supposedly nicer ones, a Depstech 5.0MP with 3rd generation processor, because the difference in price between the nice...
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    Bad jumpstart please read I need help

    Fuses are a buck a piece. At most. But if you need a new ECU that's a whole different matter. Are you chipped? If so, your new ECU will also need to be reprogrammed. If you're stock, you can pick up a used ECU for cheap on ebay and install it yourself. Your car's brain lives just under the...
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    Can not find where my oil is leaking from.

    If there's oil on your passenger side CV axle, it's coming from your turbo. Ask me how I know.
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    Blown turbo? Maybe?

    Ah, I'm a dummy. The procedure for doing a head swap should be similar to that for changing the head gasket. I'm now armed with the right step-by-step instructions...