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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread -- Part 2

    Not much activity here, but.... I'm looking to go BT, seeing if anyone has the necessary parts for sale. Downpipe/full TBE, injectors, hpfp, etc. (I already have the intake, but that's it).
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    FS: (MA) Set of 4 Denvers w/ tires and TPMS

    SOLD! please delete As the title states, I'm selling my original set of Denvers, with tires and TPMS included, and I'm not looking to separate. I will not ship these, its simply not worth it. However, I'd be willing to meet up within a reasonable distance, I'm in Bridgewater, MA 02324...
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    Improving the parking lot at Lowe's 2 cars at a time

    Just a quick pic from work, I'm on the left and the black ones my friend's. That van messed it all up.
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    Any meets in MA?

    I've been wondering if there are any meets in MA that you GTI people usually go to, preferably around eastern MA, Boston area. I go to school in Philly and there's meets everywhere for every day of the week, but that does not seem to be the case here, when I'm at home. Anyone have any info...
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    Citizens Bank Park autocross

    Anyone in the philly area going to this autocross event on the 25th? I'll probably be there with my friend and his impreza
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    A gem from north Philly

    I found this piece of work in beautiful north Philadelphia. Not an MKV, but enjoy.
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    08 GTi vs 07 Impreza

    For starters, the Impreza is far from stock, its manual and idk what's on it (ask my friend, its his). We were on our way to auto-cross at Delaware Park early in the morning, and we did a 50 to 115 pull. He had me at first, but at the top of fourth I took over and put a bus length, maybe more...
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    Bad News Bears for RCA cables

    The other day a case of water slid into my amp and bent the RCA cables where they plug into the amp, and the tips of them broke off. I called a car audio place to see if the tips could be cut off and replaced instead of replacing the entire RCA cable running from head unit to amp. The guy said...
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    service at 16,800 miles?

    a notification started popping up to service in 200 miles which would be at around 16,800 miles. That would be 10,000 miles after I bought it from the dealership. The thing is the same message popped up at 11,800 miles, so I changed the oil and disabled the message, and about 700 miles ago was...
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    a FISH on my GTI?!

    so I go out to my car tonight and i see something on the wiper blades. At first I thought it was yet another school parking ticket, or maybe a piece of ice. But no, it was an entire dead fish just lounging there and it was about 8" long. Is this some kind of challenge, or just some sicko...
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    Custom Exhaust Philly Area?

    I'm looking to get my resonator deleted, and was wondering if anyone knew of any shops (not Midas or Meineke) that could do it in, or around Philadelphia
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    When to replace CAI filter?

    how often should I change the filter on my Neuspeed intake? It still has the original oiled filter it came with from when I installed it during the summer
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    Philly Autocross

    I've been thinking about getting into autocross, and was wondering if anyone has information on events in or around Philadelphia. Anyone?
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    GTI w/ only an intake vs Ford Focus hatch

    Twice in 3 days I've been next to different focus hatchbacks at stoplights, both had at least an exhaust and roll cages (one had a not-so-bad looking girl in it). However, neither looked over at me then, or at the next light where I was clearly egging them on the whole way there. My question...
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    WTB: full size FAST figure

    If you have a full size FAST figure with the box and everything in good condition I would be interested in buying, say $50-$60 shipped
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    stock GTi vs 10th gen corolla

    no surprise here, but why not post it? I've been reading these versus stories for a while and wondering when I would finally have a tale of my own, albeit shitty, but tonight the chance presented itself. I was cruising down some side streets with my buddy around 11 pm sunday night and this...
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    any Meets in MASSACHUSETTS?

    I was wondering if there were any VW meets, or general car meets where some VWs actually show up in MA, preferably near or south of boston?
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    Alright, so I was driving today with my DSG in the manual mode, i took a corner in 1st gear, when I shifted into 2nd the car felt like it was in neutral for about 3 seconds because nothing happened when the gas was still being pushed down, and during these 3 seconds the traction control light...