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    Wes_R x 996 GT3(44 pics)

    Hey GolfMKVers, Happy New Year! I got a call from from a gentleman wanting to schedule in a Porsche to get detailed for storage. He hadn't had time to bring it in earlier and with a little opening in the weather he wanted to do it quickly before the next heavy snowfall. I got no description...
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    Wes_R x GT3RS (89 pics)

    Hey MKVers, It's been awhile since my last write up but I'm back with a beautiful GT3RS which was actually done back in Dec. Small world but I actually knew the owner and we had gone to school together but he was a few years older then me. Anyways again on to the write up hope you guys enjoy...
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    Wes_R x C63 (44 pics)

    This C63 came to me after the owner had seen some of my write ups and inquired on what level of paint correction I thought his car might need. After a few conversations via text message we determined we would go with a 1 stage polish. And that we would do it on Jan. 20, 2013. The day of the...
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    Wes_R + GT-R [84 pics]

    Hey GolfMKVers, It's been awhile since my last write up here but I have been a little busy. 

I had spoken to this owner over the span of a year and we had finally set up a date to 2 stage polish this Solid Red GT-R some time in the...
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    Wes_R + Testarossa [126 pics]

    Hi everybody, The opportunity to work on this Testarossa presented itself to me when the owners co worker saw some of my other work and referred me to him. I got a call near the end of November 09 from the owner saying that he wanted to get his car detailed for storage. First off a walk...
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    Wes_R + lsb M3 [103 pics]

    Hi everybody, This beautiful Laguna Seca Blue M3 came to me very unexpectedly. To be honest I have not seen this color for years, what's so funny to is after working on this car I all of a sudden see 2 of them on the road. Anyway the owner contacted me and said he had an e46 he wanted me to...
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    Wes_R + R8 [113 pics]

    Hi everybody, Todays write up is on a Ibis White R8 with the silver side blade, very classy in my opinion. I had seen this R8 before near the area where I had grown up and can actually remember spotting it one night on my way to the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight(I asked the owner later to confirm...
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    Wes_R + Slk 55 [109 pics]

    Hi everybody, Todays write up is on a Slk 55. I did a full interior on this one minus a carpet shampoo and a 2 stage polish on the exterior. The owner had just bought the car and wanted to get it looking as close to new as possible plus treat a scratch on the trunk. I must say the styling on...
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    Wes_R + e92 M3 [61 pics]

    Hey guys, Todays detail write up is on a roughly 2 month old e92 M3 which was lightly swirled, but with the the color being Jerez Black, in the sun the swirls stuck out like a sore thumb. This detail was supposed to happen at a later date but with the owner about to lower it I was a bit...