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  1. Finnegan

    Anyone subscribe to Car & Driver?

    I've subscribed for the past 5 years and I have a question: Has Pippa Garner ever drawn a funny comic?
  2. Finnegan

    Who's not clicking on any "Harry Potter" threads until they've finished the book?

    Who's not clicking on any "Harry Potter" threads until they've finished the book? I'll be honest, I've stayed away from this site in particular for the past couple days until I have time to finish the last book. The ending to each book has been ruined for me by various people on the Internet...
  3. Finnegan

    Which forum skin is your favorite?

    I was messing around with the account options and noticed we have 4 skins to choose from. All but the "3.6" skins have some missing image files but I think I like the Lighter skin the best. For those of you who have actually played around with the forum skins before, which one is your favorite?
  4. Finnegan

    Too much post whoring?

    Disclaimer: I'm probably going to upset a lot of people and I assure you that's not my intention. I'm beginning to visit this site less and less due to the excessive amount of post whoring that goes on here. I really do like this site but it's getting a little out of control. The Off-Topic...
  5. Finnegan

    Now that's some accordion playin! Dayum~:cool:
  6. Finnegan

    I have my first German exam tomorrow morning

    Ich lerne für meine Examen. Ich bin ängstlich es wird schwierig sein. Wünschen Sie mir Glück. :help:
  7. Finnegan

    Economy Tune?

    Do any of the tuners out there offer an economy tune as an option? I figure it might be nice to have stock/performance/economy tunes to choose from depending on what kind of driving you're doing. You could turn down the boost and lessen the throttle response a bit for commuting back and forth...
  8. Finnegan

    Cut myself shaving

    Damnit... I have this one spot right between my lip and nose that gets cut on like a weekly basis. That mofo will bleed for hours on end. Freaking sucks.. I keep putting those little pieces of tissue on to stop the bleeding but they inevitebly fall off and it starts bleeding again. Jeebus that's...
  9. Finnegan

    Anyone else going to leave their GTI stock?

    I plan on leaving my GTI stock for the most part. I'm going to color-match the bumpers and side-skirts but they should have done that from the factory anyways. Other than that my baby will remain stock. I'll probably add a nav unit some time too but I don't really count that as a mod. Anyone...
  10. Finnegan

    April Fools, worst holiday ever?

    A holiday that gives people free license to be a Jackass. Worst holiday ever? I think so. Discuss~
  11. Finnegan

    Your favorite Lost character

    Which character from Lost is your favorite? Hurley, gets my vote~
  12. Finnegan

    What are you doing tonight?

    My girlfriend is 3 states away in Florida working and I'm home alone this weekend. I'm drinking, posting, and listening to Coldplay... :confused: Just me and my buddy Spaten tonight :frown:
  13. Finnegan

    Now I have to go get Zaxby's

    Damn commercials make me buy delicious chicken strips :frown:
  14. Finnegan

    What cologne do you wear?

    I've been looking for a new cologne. I'm thinking of picking up a bottle of David Beckham's new one, they had a test strip in Maxim and it smelled pretty good. What cologne do you wear?
  15. Finnegan

    If you had to buy an American car today

    What car would you buy? I'd get a used Cadillac CTS. EDIT: A car you could actually afford to buy. Not dream cars :P
  16. Finnegan

    Check out my fraternity's Greek Sing Competition

    We took 1st place overall with this dance. Check it out:
  17. Finnegan

    Current incentives make the MS6 look really good

    I've been hurtin' for a GTI ever since I first saw one at the dealership last year but the current incentives on the Mazdaspeed 6 are really tempting. You can get an '06 Sport for $23,840 including destination until the middle of February. I'll still end up with the GTI most likely since I...
  18. Finnegan

    Coolest Paint Ever

    Check this thing out: :eek:
  19. Finnegan

    Bugged by people calling their GTI's their "fast"?

    I'm just wondering if it bugs anyone else on here when people call their GTI their "fast". This is a Fast: This is a GTI: Notice that one is a car and one is a piece of plastic. I'm all for people calling their cars whatever the hell they want to, but the fast thing is starting to bug me...
  20. Finnegan

    Help me pick a foreign language...

    Ok, folks, it's that time finally. I'm down to my last requirement for graduation... foreign language. I've got to choose a foreign language and then take 4 consecutive semesters of it. I'm going to take 2 this summer and then be done by spring of next year. I took 3 semesters of Spanish in high...