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    what kind of rotors n pads should I go with..

    time to replace them.. ecs has the kit for about 490 with hps pads... mod bargains has stop tech kit for about the same but 50 shipping...
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    wtb: GTI front end

    sup.guys.. im looking for a gti front end.. including the.hood and headlights see anything please let me.know
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    so... someone backed into me

    2.5K of damage.... replacing front bumper, hood, left headlight... poss some engine parts... question is... would you guys buy aftermarket bumpers and pay the difference? the insurance already cut me the check.... also... oem hood? or aftermarket?.. if so.. what kind? Thanks!
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    Tire and Suspension Recommendation...

    So i've been running on some TIEN SSP coils... i was happy with the rears on how low they went, and how they sit...but not happy with the front, so.. i did the unthinkable and cut a few coils out... (couple years ago)... love the look... but it's too harsh for me nowadays.... i was running some...
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    Is it Possible to Buy H&R Ultra Lows but just the fronts?

    anyone?... if not.. who's got the bets price around for a full set?
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    So... My intercooler is cracked...

    which is causing all of this fuss.... o boy... what are my options now?... obviously going to replace it.... i'm looking to get a black annodized one if i can... i did some searching but couldn't find anything.... any help would be great! thanks!
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    Where is our idle sensor?

    i think that might be the answer to my problems... from my other thread... i think SOMETHING jolted loose when i hit the steel plate... thanks or how bot the main ECM harness to the car?... where is that located?
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    Ran Over Sinked In Steel Plate Tonight.....

    so i was driving home, normal route.. and didn't see the HUGE steel plate that was like 1 1/2 inches sinked in.. i hit it on the way in AND out... my car is on full stiff... i maybe hit it at 15mph... after i hit it... car died... battery light came on.... car seemed to have no power... pulled...
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    2006 BM GTI 2-door (mods)

    sup guys, throwing a feeler out there... i'm kinda sick of this car and want something new... it's a 06' GTI 2 door black magic leather seats both heated. "package 2" dual temp control 82K miles GIAC software BBS CH reps with 215/35/18s TIEN SS-P coilovers (see below) BSH rear sway bar...
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    JL 500/1 and a 10W6v2

    I picked these up for a "whoping" 250 bucks, my question is.. what settings should i have for the amp? I have the one on top. except mine is black
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    Anyone Have the Z110bt/120bt?

    curious to see what you guys have for the illumination setting for the custom colors button to match the dash "blue" light.... i've been playing around with it for days and still can't get it right..... RED GREEN BLUE thanks!!!
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    FS: JL 10W6v2 + 500/1

    600 for both like new! we all know what it looks like... :)
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    So I Bought The Pioneer Z120BT

    a STEAL @ 809 dollars after rebate..... and i'm buying the american international dash kit from enfig and i thought i'd buy the wiring harness while i'm at it, but i'm unsure which one... also do i need anthing else? anntenae maybe? thanks in advance...
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    Who's got the best price for HAWK?

    i havn't decided which to get hawk hps or the hawk hp+, they have their pros and cons... neuspeed ssbl's? i just looked at my rear pads today and there is nothing left, i need to change it ASAP
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    Vdub Parts Dealer Hook Up?

    so... . i almost got stuck in bmore/canton tonight... CEL came on... kepting blinking for a few seconds.. returns to solid.... limped it was running VERY rough... alotta knocking.... i think the coilpacks gone bad... anyone got a hook up?... and a VAGCOM and dont mind helping me read...
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    Interesting Article...
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    New Wheels

    18" BBS CH reps...
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    help with tires/selection..size...

    so i got a set of replica bbs chs....i'm scared of the offest of these.... stock is what 17x 7.5?.. et45...(vw visions) the new wheel is 18 x 8.5 et 35... what size tire should i run?... are these going to stick out a little?... i'm a TINY bit tucked in the rear... and i dont want super poke...
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    Oil pressure warning keeps coming on....

    everytime i take a turn real fast.. the damn oil pressure thing comes on n tells me to shut off my engine... do any of you have the same problem?.. does it do any harm?
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    ATTN: BSH + Race Catch Can Owners...

    is this normal?... i'm assuming it isn't... oil is "bubbling" from the filter also this is a pic of the install which phil said was correct.. what else could be wrong?... i know it smoking a little is normal... but... the filter on top of the can went from being red to black now... and...