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  1. Red5pade

    3.5 jack doesnt work. how to fix?

    just bought this but i know my 3.5 doesnt work. i bought it cause its on sale now and i figured i could fix it. when i plug something in, it does kinda a humming noise. any ideas?
  2. Red5pade

    WTB: built HPFP

    need a hpfp. pm me what you have
  3. Red5pade

    Got a truck cause Murica and Texas!!!

    bought a truck yesterday. someone smashed my wife's car and we used the money to get a truck. it needs a little work but all around solid truck. figured id share. needs all new bushings, and cv axles. already fixed the a/c, but needs a new fan controller thing inside the cab. those are like...
  4. Red5pade

    del rio, tx

    noticed a gti just started showing up. thats the only gti ive seen here and its modded a little. saw it had 30day tags recently. im new to the area but is it anyone on the forums?
  5. Red5pade

    aftermarket clutches

    i swear im going to be a specialist by the time this is over :cry: my fx350 cant hold the f23t anymore (too many miles on the clutch now... about 35k) and im looking to replace it with something that can hold the f23t power and last awhile. ive been emailing cm on this and a guy named kevin...
  6. Red5pade

    Place to buy timing belt kit?

    I need a timing belt kit. Gasket, belt, pulley, pump, fluid, etc. where is a cheap place that sells them. I'm trying to get parts and labor for $500. Please help
  7. Red5pade

    WTB: timing belt kit FSI

    Looking for a timing belt kit. Please pm me if you have a new one. Thanks!
  8. Red5pade


    I'm trying to sell my car. I won't go lower than $7,000 because I still am flipped on it and will have to pay the rest out of pocket. Car has 95k miles, has a f23t, fx3500 clutch, tien springs, billy boat dp, cai, golf r map and ic, under drive pulley, top and tp. Tuned from driver motorsport...
  9. Red5pade

    mk7 GTI track video from The Smoking Tire

    DVOlGshDjJU kinda makes me want one
  10. Red5pade

    free Driver Motorsport decals

    i have a few decals to give away. im only wanting to give them to k04 or bigger guys. my choice, not theirs. i bought these from them and later decided to sell my car. i never got to put them on as it has been raining almost every other day here. reason for only k04 and up is because when the...
  11. Red5pade

    F23T '07 GTI Manual i need it gone in 2wks. make an offer. no low balls please
  12. Red5pade

    Glazed clutch

    So I moved to a place that has a steep driveway and I think over time I glazed my clutch. I'm now parking on the street but I still have a glazed clutch... Fml So I looked up how to deglaze and one was pull up the hand brake and rev to 4k rpm and then slowly engage the clutch until rpms drop...
  13. Red5pade

    GTI vs C6 Corvette

    so if youve read any of my other versus threads, youll know im always lazy in my races and just keep it in gear when racing, but this time around, i did downshift. i was getting on the highway in "mexico" and i had my turn signal on and going about 55mph trying to get on a 65mph highway but...
  14. Red5pade

    f23t vs challenger r/t

    my mods are in my sig pretty much. his mods are at least exhaust and im guessing intake. it was a sharp car for sure. so i noticed this blacked out newer challenger as i came up behind it and it looked good and had a nice rumble at idle. i looked to see if it was a guy driving but it looked...
  15. Red5pade

    WTB/WTT oem valve cover/ catch can

    i have a forge big catch can thats in really good shape. my iphone is broke, but pretty much google images and thats what it looks like. it has the rubber hose too i want to trade the cc for a pcv block off plate thats in GOOD shape, plus $50. we can both pay shipping for the parts we ship out...
  16. Red5pade

    DM F23t vs C6 RS6

    little back story, i was riding out to my parents to go fishing with my fiance and at a red light i noticed an audi rs6 behind me. we both turned onto that highway in mexico and i noticed he came flying up on my rear end looking to tease me into a race. so, im a lazy sob and i was already in...
  17. Red5pade

    Possible heat soak fix?

    saw this on youtube and wanted to share cause my mind is blown at the results. im halfway tempted to pull my ic after this semester and paint it black after watching this super scientific mythbusting what do yall think? f1QL9veQaNg
  18. Red5pade

    FS: Chromecast

    ill sell it for $25 shipped i dont feel like unplugging it from the tv to take a picture of it, but it looks like the one on the site i dont need this anymore and figured i might as well sell it
  19. Red5pade

    WTB: Engine mount

    im partial to the bfi stage 1 mount but ill go with something else. also, i might do a tans mount if the price is right.
  20. Red5pade

    Battleblock!!!!! the trailer is hilarious :thumbsup: