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  1. LeesburgMKV

    FS: FK Silverline X+ coilovers

    Just had NGP Racing take these bad boys off. 80k mikes and they said that they're still in great shape and that I should have no problem getting $500 for them so that's my price. I'm in Northern VA, will ship (at your expense) but prefer local pickup and cash. Text me at(571) 246-1722 if you're...
  2. LeesburgMKV

    FS: FK Silverline X+ coilovers

    Hey there, just took my GTI back to stock suspension at NGP Racing in Lorton. The guys said that they're still in great condition and that they are quality coils and that I should have no problem getting $500 for them. Willing to go lower if you have a stock grill in good condition that you can...
  3. LeesburgMKV

    FS: R-line fogs/FK badgeless grill/FK Silverline X+

    Selling my car for school, no need for these. R-Line Fogs $50+shipping FIRM FK Badgeless Grill $50+shipping FIRM Located in NOVA Also, I have FK Silverline X+ for $600+ship OBO EMAIL ME ONLY!!
  4. LeesburgMKV

    FS used FK Silverline X+

    Hey guys, I'm selling my car. Coils are coming off this week. Roughly 50,000 miles on them. I'm asking for $665+shipping OBO. Email me at don't respond through the thread, I don't really go on the forum anymore.
  5. LeesburgMKV

    FS used FK Silverline X+ NOVA

    Hey guys, I'm selling my car. Coils are coming off this week. Roughly 50,000 miles on them. I'm asking for $665 OBO. Email me at don't respond through the thread, I don't really go on the forum anymore.
  6. LeesburgMKV

    Back from the body shop with a new addition

    Well I finally got my car back from the body shop and it's good as new. I got my hood notch filled while it was in there and I finished up some gold accenting to complement my wheels. What do you guys think? Don't mind the pictures they're just a teaser until I get a proper photo shoot with the...
  7. LeesburgMKV

    RSVP Function for the events page.

    It seems as though none of the threads with an RSVP option are working correctly. Every time you try to RSVP it brings you to an error page and allows you to forward the problem to an administrator. I did this but it hasn't been taken care of yet. With a lot of events coming up soon I think...
  8. LeesburgMKV

    NGP Racing BBQ

    Big event at NGPs Lorton shop. Free BBQ Raffle Prizes Live DJ Special Guest Judges Up to 15% off select items Free labor on APR Software More details at 10AM-5PM 8534 Terminal Road Lorton, VA 22079
  9. LeesburgMKV

    H20 International

    The dates just got released on the H20i website ( September 26/27, 2009. How many west coasters are gonna make it out this year?? IIRC there were quite a few that flew out last year. This can be the official countdown thread. :thumbsup: Talk about rooming/the show/the bbq/anything...
  10. LeesburgMKV what the fuck?????

    Well I have to replace one of my R-Line Fog grills because of the drunk lady hitting my car. The VW Collision center cannot order them so I have to order them myself and they are taking the cost of them out of my hood notch (it's getting filled :thumbsup:). I went on to to find this...
  11. LeesburgMKV

    Dubs At The Beach Who all is going this year and how are you getting there? Are you staying for the entire weekend or just coming for the show??
  12. LeesburgMKV


    I finally get 5 cars!!!
  13. LeesburgMKV

    Drunk ladies suck my fucking nuts!!!

    So I'm at work tonight waiting tables when a customer walks in and says "does anybody here own a black golf parked out front" I walk up and say "yes I do" expecting a comment about it or something. Then she tells me "there's some lady outside ramming it with her car". I'm like "WTF??!!" and I...
  14. LeesburgMKV

    So who like's fishsticks??

    Do you guys like fishsticks??
  15. LeesburgMKV

    Cleaning painted wheels

    Hey guys, I'm about to have a set of custom painted wheels. I have been a little bit worried about how to go about cleaning them though. I know with my stock denvers I just scrub the hell out of them and it's fine but with a custom paint job what should I do? They are being professionally...
  16. LeesburgMKV

    AIRSOFT EQUIPMENT! (everything you need to start out) This is all my equipment. Selling it to get an R32 rear for my car. :thumbsup: New Ebay Page!
  17. LeesburgMKV

    Why do I keep getting denied by capital one?

    I really need a credit card to start building up my credit. I'm almost 19 years old and the only credit I have is my gym membership (35 dollars a month). I have a feeling I'm just giving them wrong information some how but I have no idea where. I just got denied for the second time. I'll...
  18. LeesburgMKV

    UFC 97 Predictions

    Who do you guys think is going to win the main event?? My money is on Rashad Evans. EDIT: I spelled rampage wrong in the poll, just ignore the mistake.
  19. LeesburgMKV

    Do any CF companies make....

    A double sided, matte carbon fiber hood, with the notch filled??? I really want a notchless CF hood but I need it to be matte rather than gloss. I swear I've seen one before but I can't remember what company made it.
  20. LeesburgMKV

    Feeler: OEM 2008 GTI Suspension

    This is a feeler to see who would be interested in buying a set of used GTI suspension (full suspension). This would be perfect for any pre 08 owner or rabbit owner who wants a subtle yet OEM drop. I'm gonna set a price of $180 plus shipping. Price is pretty firm but I will accept offers. No low...