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    Broken stage 1 FSI vs Tuned Focus ST

    Back a few months ago this guy was talking up his 2015 Focus ST with a Cobb tune. I was getting annoyed. However at the time my car had a bad turbo, an exhaust leak, a bad diverter valve, and two boost leaks(no codes though, go figure). But a stage 1 tune. So most likely I was just hitting...
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    Bad N75 or Turbo or DV?

    My apologies all. I’m active on vortex. Not on Mk5 forums here because over a couple posts it just doesn’t seem like this is as active. Anyways, to follow up. I had replaced N75. I did plugs and coils. Replaced PCV valve, did a boost leak test(no leaks). Minor increase in drivability but it was...
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    Turbo is done, now what?

    Since I bought this car a year ago, I've had a weird boost issue. Car sometimes felt slow, sometimes felt normal. No codes or anything. In full boost, it would majorly surge, followed by a small power cut, throughout the rev band. Thought it was diverter valve, nope. My wastegate actuator rod...
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    Bad N75 or Turbo or DV?

    Alright so I have a 2007 GTI FSI 6spd manual, picked it up about 4 months ago without about 140,000 miles on it. Already nearing 160. Was pretty much bone stock, now I'm running Unitronic Stage 1 and have a cold air intake on it to remove that stupid engine cover. Here are my symptoms: On a...
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    155k mile compression on the BPY

    I did an oil change and on a warm engine just decided to do a compression test for the hell of it afterwards. Engine has 155k on it exactly. Results: Cyl 1: 160PSI Cyl 2: 163PSI Cyl 3: 165PSI Cyl 4: 173PSI Would you guys say this is a good result? I’m reading other posts and they say to...
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    Can I make the footwell lights stay on all the time?

    I have Vag Com and can't see anything if I can have the footwell lighting on my GTI come on at night time when the lights are on and I'm driving. They only come on when I open a door. I know the Tiguan which is on the same A5 platform has this feature enabled to be on while driving. I'd love it...