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    Snow trunk mount water meth for FSI

    SOLD I used this kit on my 07 FSI and it worked great. Ran APR 100 octane file on 93 pump with no issues. 50/50 mix. This meth kit works better than a intercooler upgrade for charge cooling. Kit was removed working at some point in 2014 and has been in storage since. I no longer have the car...
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    VCDS (vag com)

    Microcan, no longer own a VW. $200 shipped SOLD
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    Texas: 07 GLI track car w/ clean title

    6MT on PSS10, K04, lots of mods listed below, you can see some pics of the car in this thread: I got the car back this weekend. My friend "daily'd" it from July til now although he put very few miles on. It has just under 80K total. Car is...
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    BT Manifold: 034 T3 $240 shipped

    034 Motorsports T3 Manifold, new, never installed, $240 shipped ($300 new) It's sitting in front of my old K03 turbofold, nothing from that is included, just the 034 manifold.
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    Snow Water Meth: $300

    Snow water meth with progressive MAF controller. I had this baby installed for probably 20K miles and it worked flawlessly. Price is $300 with the small tank, and $335 with the 2.5 gallon trunk / hatch mount tank, including shipping. Also available locally in Houston. Included: Progressive...
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    CM FX450 race clutch

    I never got to install this. Was purchased used from this forum. Previous owner claimed under 2k miles, and had blown his engine or something and had to part out the car. Was told this makes the pedal very stiff, which is no surprise as it's rated to hold over 600 lbft of torque. The friction...
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    No boost whatsoever

    Howdy all. So a few months ago I gave my track car to this Mexican hippy to daily drive. A few days ago he let me know that it's not boosting at all. We pressurized the charge piping successfully and besides that it's clear the turbo isn't even trying. A month ago he lost boost control, was...
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    The Jetta rides again

    Background: This car is fully stripped, and very light. Car has been down since February, got it running a couple days ago. Turns out I blew my IE HPFP after only 1K miles; it was fuel cutting like mad when I stopped driving the car. I have my old stock HPFP internals in now, and bought a...
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    Interior for sale in Texas

    Car is driving again so I'm keeping all the performance mods but most of the interior is available for sale. Shipping is a possibility for some items. Local pickup preferred, in Houston or Austin. Interior is cloth, and condition varies but in general is good. If you don't see something, ASK...
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    WTB: stock HPFP

    Looking to buy a stock HPFP that hasn't been opened or played with. PM your offers for faster response.
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    07 GLI Part Out...something for everyone

    no longer for sale
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    Golf R K04 in Texas

    Golf R K04 -- $800 Rather poor experience trying to ship this, so it is now for sale AGAIN. Local only, cash only this time. Just under 20K miles. You need a diverter valve relocate and tune, otherwise this is bolt on. Can include lines but your stock ones will bolt right up.
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    FS: WOTBox

    N2MB WOTBox. Works as advertised. Highly recommend for any manual transmission. Comes with the WOTBox, harness and serial to USB adapter for programming. It's already programmed to auto-NLS and the 2-step is set at 2K RPM since I didn't use that feature. Price $180 obo
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    Water Meth + BSH Throttle body pipe

    Great kit, very easy to install, supports power. Use 50/50 water / methanol for best results. Includes everything from the stage 2 package, including: --3 liter tank --Pump --Snow MAF controller w/ plenty of wire --LEDs for action and low level --float sensor (never used) --1x bulkhead fitting...
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    Bilstein PSS10

    Nice coilovers with real German build quality, these PSS10 will have your car handling better than you can drive it. They don't go "ultra" low, so look elsewhere if that's your thing. Rebound / compression damping adjustable from 1-10 via a single knob underneath each damper. Mileage is claimed...
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    FS: CM FX450

    no longer for sale
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    Fuel cuts

    I've been getting fuel cuts recently, first soft now hard. Have IE HPFP, 155 bar PRV. From logs: A) The good --Low fuel pressure OK --Battery voltage / alternator duty OK --Great rail pressure tracking until fuel cut --Relief valve works properly --Cam follower visually confirmed good --Brand...
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    Alternator cut out?

    Anyone know what RPM the alternator cuts out, and stops charging at, if any?
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    FS: Bolt-on Golf R K04

    This Golf R K04 was purchased with a claimed 17K miles and was found to be in great condition when I inspected it. I've driven on it for about 1.5K and now have the big turbo I originally wanted (GT35) so this needs to be sold. Completely bolt on, with the exception that you need a diverter...