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    Next generation Subaru Impreza designed to fight GTI!

    The 2008 Subaru Impreza will target the Volkswagen Golf GTI, according to a report by AutoExpress magazine. The article indicates that a sedan model will no longer be offered, and selection will be limited to three- and five-door hatchbacks. Entry-level models will get a 2.0-liter naturally...
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    GTI has best sales month in 20 years!

    Check this out, VW just had its best sales month in 20 years of GTI sales :headbang: Man what a car we all have :biggrin:
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    Carbon fiber front grill

    What you guys think of this front grill? My R32 bumper idea was voted down by fellow members so trying to think of different ways go to with front bumper... maybe carbon fiber grill like this, with blackout VW emblem.
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    R32 bumper swap

    Thinking of swapping the GTI bumper for the R32 bumper, what do you guys think?? :iono: Also anyone know if a bumper replacement would be a hard DIY?
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    B&B Automobiltechnik engine chip and upgrades

    Here's the stats I pulled from
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    Why did the GTI come to US long after Europe

    From what I know the MKV GTI has been out in Europe for almost two years already? How come it took so long for VW to bring it to the US :iono: Will Europeans get a model refresh before the US?