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  1. Eric6014

    WTB: Tinted Tail Lights

    I have the OEM US spec tinted tail lights on my car. The outer driver side plastic is cracked. Looking for a replacement, but the only ones I've seen in stock are on ECS for $$$. I only need the outer drivers side, but I'll buy the whole set if anyone is looking to offload them.
  2. Eric6014

    Anyone ever heard of this shop? Came across these guys in a search but never heard of them. I'm looking to get my valves cleaned. I just past 100K recently and they've never been done so I'm sure it's long overdue. If anyone has any other recommendations in the area...
  3. Eric6014

    MkV 2.0?

    Too bad we don't get the polo here cause I'd be all over this: Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Eric6014

    Aftermarket Cam Follower?

    Has anyone used any of the non OEM cam followers on ECS? I'm tired of paying $50 every time. Wondering if they're any different.
  5. Eric6014

    Rough Starts

    This past weekend I swapped out my cam follower, changed the oil, did a coolant flush and replaced the coolant temp sensor. Everything seemed fine after the flush, sensor and follower were replaced. After I changed the oil I started the car and it was bucking and hesitated to start for a...
  6. Eric6014

    What is this screw?

    I was replacing my coolant temp sensor today and when I was cleaning up the coolant I spilled I found this screw sitting on top of my transmission... Anyone know where it might be from?
  7. Eric6014

    Got a CEL yesterday. Help please.

    CEL came on last night. P2181, Cooling system performance fault. I don't have vag-com but did a scan with the torque app and this is the only code that came up. Anyone know whether there might be any other codes that torque is not able to see? As far as the P2181, did some searching, seems...
  8. Eric6014

    No More VW?

    Anyone see this? Pretty pathetic. They need to get their shit together...
  9. Eric6014

    WTB: Drivers side mirror

    Had my drivers side mirror knocked off by a garbage truck... Need the heated mirror glass and signal cover. Looking for either a clear signal cover for the drivers side or a set of smoked ones...
  10. Eric6014

    MKVII Clubsport

    Anyone see this? Everything I've read so far indicates that the Edition 40 will not be available in the US but this article seems to point to the contrary. Not sure how much CNET can be trusted, but if it's true I could be tempted to trade up from my MKV...
  11. Eric6014

    Fog bulb replacement

    I've got a couple bulbs out so I'm planning to do a refresh on them all. Anyone know how to tell whether I've got the projector fogs or standard ones?
  12. Eric6014

    DSG issues after Unitronic Stage 1+

    Had my car flashed at waterfest a couple weeks ago. Went Uni Satge 1+. The tune is pretty badass and I'm really enjoying it so far, but the DSG seems a bit shaky since then and has me slightly concerned. First, I'm getting rough shifts from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 in D mode only. I assume this has...
  13. Eric6014

    Why are new posts removed so quickly?

    I've noticed that lately threads are removed from "new posts" not long after they've been posted, like only a couple hours. Has it always been this way and I'm just noticing?
  14. Eric6014

    WTB - Boost Gauge w/ Center or Driver Side Vent Pod

    Looking for an FSI kit but will buy just the gauge, or just the pod if anyone's got one for a good price.
  15. Eric6014

    Pets allowed at Waterfest?

    Anyone know if I can bring my dog to waterfest?? Can't find any info online.
  16. Eric6014

    VCDS Question

    What's the difference between Micro-CAN and Hex-Can, aside from the $100 difference in cost? It looks like both fit our cars but Hex is compatible a larger range of vehicles. Is there added functionality with the Hex-Can or can I save $100 and go with the micro?
  17. Eric6014

    NYC Body Shop?

    Can anyone recommend a decent body shop in the NYC area? I've got a problem with my drivers side door not aligning properly and a few minor dents I want to have taken care of.
  18. Eric6014

    What's up with my cam follower??

    This is after only 5K miles. This look normal to you guys?
  19. Eric6014

    Light Out But No Dash Notification

    One of my city lights died recently but I've got not no bulb out warning on my dash. Anyone know why it wouldn't give me a notification? The side marker on that side is still working so I'm assuming it's just a bulb, but still, I should get a warning, no?
  20. Eric6014

    Rear Wiper Spray Gun

    So.. my rear wiper is broken, not sure how it happened. It was pretty funny actually. I found this out by turning on the rear washer while at a stop light. The fluid shot straight out onto the windshield of the taxi sitting behind me. The guy was like WTF??!! Looks like there's a piece...