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  1. Subie2013

    F23T vs mid 90's Z28

    So, there I was, driving my egg. I passed this Camaro and couldn't tell if it was a V6 or V8. My roommate rolls down the window and the driver can't see us, yet. I finally notice the Z28 badge up front. At this point, the driver notices us checking out his car. He down shifts acting like he...
  2. Subie2013

    Shoei RF-900 Helmet

    I have a Shoei RF-900 series race helmet. Wore it twice for about 12 seconds. My dad gave it to me and I don't even own a street bike :iono: Brand new it goes for 499$(the thing is brand new lol.) Looking for 250 + shipping. Shoot me a PM.
  3. Subie2013

    '13 STI vs '13 370z NISMO

    On my way to church this morning on the deserted Mexicans highways. Right? HA Anyways, I was on my way to church and before I hit the Mexican freeway a 370z is weaving through traffic to catch up to me. I knew exactly what was about to go down. Sport Sharp, and pussy control are turned off. I...
  4. Subie2013

    WTB: 5x114.3 wheel spacers

    Worth a shot, but I'm looking to find some 15mm wheel spacers for my STI. Let me know what you have. I need 4.
  5. Subie2013

    '13 STI vs '07 GTI

    I've been wanting to see a race like this for a while. And now I finally got the chance. So I just passed my break in point on the new STI. So my roommate and I ran my Stage 2 GTI against the STI. We did 5-6 runs but only 2 turned out flawlessly due to the others missing gears on both our...
  6. Subie2013

    GTI to STI?

    Finally got the STI that ordered waaaay back when. The wait was torture, and the last couple of days have been very bad. Haha. The GTI is going up for sale next weekend, I'll miss that little egg! But, in my climate AWD is basically a must for 7 months of the years. So I went this route. Enjoy...
  7. Subie2013

    Stock 2007 Merc CLS 500 vs S2 07 GTI

    I'm not sure if this is considered David vs Goliath or not. But a big V8 vs a 4 banger is always great. So my friend just bought another car after someone running into his GTI, totally it. After zero thought and basically no drive time in the Mercedes, he bought it. It's ugly, and large, and...