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    Exotic car rental in Miami

    I am visiting Miami later this month with a couple of friends, and we are looking to rent a couple of exotics for a day just for fun :) Preferably a Ferrari F430 and Aston Martin V8 or DB9. Anybody know if this is possible and if we can get a reasonable insurance where there isn't a 10%...
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    MKV GTI alternative

    Since this is mostly an American board, I was wondering if you guys know about the new Seat Leon Cupra which is being introduced here now. I am unsure whether Seat is actually available in the US? I am going to get a test drive once it is available here. Here it is the same price as the GTI...
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    Minor scratches on the windscreen

    Is it possible to remove minor scratches from the windscreen? Today some dirt or small pieces of stone was trapped under the windscreen wiper and it made that scratching sound you DON'T want to hear when you just applied the windscreen washer :( It resulted in a handful of tiny scratches that...
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    Max rpms?

    Does anybody know what how many rpms the engine takes stock? As far as I can see, mine shifts about 6700-6800 when I put it in manual and don't shift myself. For some reason I always had the impression that it would go to 7000, but I guess I am wrong since I couldn't find any info about it...
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    Parking with DSG

    I live in an area where I have to parallel park 9 out of 10 times, so I suddenly started to wonder if that would become a problem in my upcoming car. I have a manual now and obviously that is easily controlled when just rolling slowly backwards, but I suppose it could be a bit tricky with no...