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    P052A *rough idle*

    2012 cc 2.0 tsi (stock as your grandmas cc) so i drove the car home from work and car was fine. this morning i go to drive to work and it idles rough, so i shut it down and drive my truck. just got home and looked at the cel codes and got p050, so i unplugged my maf and started up again and...
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    Norfolk, VA vagcom please

    Looking to just do a few quick vag mods like key fob window roll down. Will bring drinks for payment. Please let me know
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    Low oil pressure engine off

    Wife said our 2012 cc sport just said that message. She checked the dip stick and said it has oil on it. I just did an oil change 2 days ago. I used rotela t6 0w 40 and mobile 1 oil filter. I cranked the oil plug pretty good so I know it's not leaking and same with the filter. As I was typing...
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    Back in a vw

    My wife and I just bought a vw cc. It is bone stock but I will slowly do things to it. It has a dsg... So no more clutch... Just dsg crap :lol: Feels good to be back. Been driving a jacked up truck that's slower than a dump truck and my work van is even slower than that. We bought a b5 a4 off...