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  1. GTI2007

    Volkswagen Golf VII first full-body prototype spy photos

    For those interested:
  2. GTI2007

    Audi A1 clubsport quattro Concept

    It used the 2.5L engine from the TT-RS pushing out 503 HP and 660 Nm which is quite a lot for such a small car. Too bad it's only a concept cause this car sounds amazing
  3. GTI2007

    Audi to reveal new A3-based sedan concept at Geneva auto show

    It looks better then the current A3 so far IMHO
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    European EE Militia chapter

    Hi I would be intrested to have a chapter here in Europe like some of the states in America. Are any of you europeans in here interested to join something like this? A bit more info here:
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    It's like ...

    It's like time for a new game here
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    VW Scirocco Study R

    More info:
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    Scirocco Exclusive Edition

    What would a tuner gig be without Scirocco, VW's newest poster child? Well the car is there too, featuring also a contrasting black and white theme. This one will be produced in a limited 100 units as part of the Collectors Edition series. More white dominates the Scirocco, starting with the...
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    Abt Golf VI

    More info:
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    3 Words ONLY

    Also gonna start this awesome game from in here. The game consists of any combination of 3 words only. I start: Welcome to this
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    Volkswagen reconsiders bringing Scirocco to the States

    It seems that Volkswagen is reconsidering it's decision not to bring the Scirocco to America
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    Enter @ Own Risk

    This thread was awesome on golfmkv so I should guess we also need it here and to honour one of the greatest golfmkv members of Australia: ONGIE
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    Official Magma Orange Fahrenheit GTI (LD2C) Pic Thread

    This is the Official Magma Orange Fahrenheit GTI pics thread. Feel free to add pics of your own Magma Orange Fahrenheit GTI!
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    10,000 Posts!

    Hi everyone, today I was the first real one to break into the 5 digit post counts or in other words I made my 10,000th post on this awesome forum. I really enjoyed posting all those posts and will be keeping doing that while also moderating to keep this forum clean.
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    200,000 posts!

    I don't know if any of you noticed it but today the number of posts on this forum went over the 200,000. That's a serious lot IMO for a forum that only exists for almost 13 months.
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    Possible damage section

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to get a damage section where all the threads about keyed cars, accidents, broken hinges, dents and so on could be posted in?
  16. GTI2007 exists 1 year

    I'm not sure if you guys know it but on January the 21st this forum existed 1 year. I would like to congratulate JJ-R32 and Gulfer for in the first place creating this forum and secondly keeping it running for 1 year already. Let's hope that this forum stays online for several years to come.
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    2,000 posting members!

    Today this forum reached the mark of 2,000 posting members. That's quite a lot but not that much if you realise that there are 6,714 members on this forum at the moment. So there are a serious lot of members here who didn't even post 1 post yet.
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    100,000 POSTS!!

    A few seconds ago (08:37 PM) the 100,000th post was posted on this amazing forum. That's pretty much if you know that this forum is only online since January the 21st.
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    Size of rubber

    Hi, I'm planning to mount 9 x 19 wheels under my GTI and I'm having doubts between the normal look of 225/35R19 rubber and the wide look of 255/30R19 rubber. What should I take??