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    Interview with Jutta Dierks - from Go Auto News

    Exerpt from the interview - VOLKSWAGEN Group Australia (VGA) managing director Jutta Dierks has insisted that none of the so-called quality issues concerning the current Golf, raised recently by one of the brand’s own senior global executives, relate to cars sold to customers. But Ms Dierks...
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    260 bhp TFSI in new scirocco

    From - Interesting point is - a new 260bhp version of VW's 2.0-litre turbocharged FSI engine. Plans to resurrect the Eighties badge will be confirmed at next month's Paris Motor Show, when the German brand...
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    Just a warning

    This probably applies only in Australia but still a good story. Close to where I live is a redlight speed camera. It takes photos of cars speeding through the intersection and then you receive a nice letter from the local cops asking you to pay a BIG fine, or give them your licence. Anyway...
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    Australian GTI Specs

    Thought that for our Aussie members they might be interested in the Aussie specs. Also it seems that they are diffferent to the UK and US specs in what's standard and whats options. :eyebulge:
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    DSG - How does it work?

    Have a DSG GTi on order and joined site wanting to find out as much as possible befoer it arrives. Great site and very informative.:thumbup: My question. In the VW advertising blurb for the DSG box it says - one gear set and clutch is engaged driving the vehicle with the second clutch having...