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    FS: OEM Classix with tires

    selling five (5) of these Classix wheels on Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport tires (had them for 7 months but did take them to the track once). Only minor curb rash, no bends or cracks, no plugs or patches. $500 local (Los Angeles, CA)
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    Shifter side-to-side piece stuck

    Hi. The side-to-side lever on top of the shifter tower is stuck. Not like it's not moving, but there's not enough room for me to get the piece out. Any advice?
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    The objective here is to have a setup that is at least 0.75" lower than stock (2007) and can soak up the smaller bumps well. I am willing to give up a bit of handling for the mild drop and soft ride. Is Koni yellows and Eibach springs the way to go? I don't want to do stock height and DG...
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    How much worse is your winter MPG?

    I'm trying to see how much of a drop is to be expected in the colder months. I live in Los Angeles where it hardly ever drops below 50 Fahrenheit, but noticing a significant drop. (2007 FSI, 6MT, United Motorsports stage 1 tune) From June (when I got tuned) to end of November, I was getting...
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    My GF doesn't coast while driving

    I try not to be a couch quarterback when someone else is driving. I'm not the perfect driver and neither is anyone else I've met. However, for all the faults I've seen while driving, this one drives me up the wall the most. My GF, when driving, does not coast. She is either on the gas or the...
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    FSI 4 door 6MT w/ sunroof stock FTG?

    As title states, I am looking for FTG measurements for front and rear of a FSI GTI with manual transmission and sunroof. I have a lowered setup and trying to find out how much of a drop I have already. I am considering the Bilstein Touring B4 with the H&R OE Sport springs. Thank you
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    Anyone switch between stage 1 tunes?

    Hi. I have a UM Stage 1 tune, and I can't tell if it's me getting used to the tune or if it's not a good tune overall. Even from the first week I had it, it just felt like the boost sensor was remapped to hit higher peak PSI and not much else. I was hoping for something that made the feel...
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    2007 FSI vs 2012 Golf R intercooler piping

    I have a 2007 FSI GTI and there's a local seller for a Golf R intercooler but without pipes. Would it work, or do I need to shop around for other parts?
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    FS/FT: 2007 GTI (UG 4 doors 3 pedals)

    Feeling out the waters for a modded mk5 GTI for a stock mk7. I don't do the kind of driving that brings out the best of my mods and would rather live with something more A-to-B friendly. 2007 4 door, plaid seats, 79k miles, united grey, sunroof Mods United Motorsports Stage 1 tune Southbend...
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    Touchy first gear after stage 1 reflash

    Hi. I just got the United Motorsports Stage 1 Tune and have a slight bone to pick. In first gear, I cannot get off the throttle pedal without having the whole car buck a little bit. The closest sensation I can describe is if you accidentally disengage the clutch a little but and then release...
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    J388/J389 no signal

    I'm having 'no signal' error to the passenger side doors (both front and rear) and haven't been able to find any online sources on how to fix this. The VAGCOM coding is the same as before (FYI this happened after a body repair that took a while. The battery drained to death and not sure why the...
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    Quality of tune vs proximity to tuner?

    Hi all, I am trying to choose between what I think will be a better tune (United Motorsports, with adjustments made for my Neuspeed intake) at a tuner 45 mins away (without traffic) versus a APR dealer 15 minutes down the road that's open on Saturdays. I don't plan on doing anything crazy, just...
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    FS: Neuspeed intake for FSI

    Selling a Neuspeed intake in crinkle black for the FSI engine. I'm going with a UM tune, and going to just use the stock intake for this one. I'm going to miss the noises, but could sure use the cash. It's in good condition, minor scrapes from install but nothing noticeably from a foot away...
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    Dentist drill sound

    I've read that it's a sign of imminent turbo failure. I hear a faint dentist drill sound as soon as I get off the gas, and it sounds electronic, not mechanical. It stops after a few seconds and is the same pitch and volume throughout. I'm hoping this is just some weird sound that comes with...
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    Tim's 2007 build thread

    This won't be much of a build thread, but just a place for me to showcase my car and have relevant discussions. I had a 2014 GTI for a little while until stupidity on my part led to a crash. Frame damage, and I settled on a 3rd gen Mazda 3. I liked how it handled but not how it rode on the...
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    Slight rattle only on acceleration/load

    I've been noticing a slight rattle (metal on metal) on acceleration. Most prominent on highway speeds between 2200-2800 RPM. I'm not sure if the sound goes away above/below that becauuse SMF, poly mounts, and a cat back gets loud outside normal highway cruising RPMrange. No engine codes...
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    Your most expensive repair bill

    I'm trying to get a feel for how expensive potential repairs might be. What has been your most expensive repair bill so far?
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    How do I stop being paranoid about every other thing?

    Hi there. I have a 2007 GTI with 73k miles. I've had it for a few months and I still can't help but get paranoid about every small rattle or to floor it when appropriate. I've done pretty much all the maintenance that can be done at this point (oil change, fuel filter, spark plugs, new cam...
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    Stock suspension

    Springs and shocks from the front and rear. 2007 GTI 6MT with 70k miles No sway bars $150 local
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    Steering wheel off-center

    Hi. I noticed that my steering wheel is off-center. When I say it's off center, I mean that the steering wheel is laterally translated to the left side a little too much, not that the angle is off. I prefer having my wheel as low as it can go, and it covers up the speedo a little more than it...