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  1. Seriouschris

    A new Konig wheel that looks...

    ...not like vomit! It's called Airstrike and I kinda like it.
  2. Seriouschris

    Think I should open this attachment?

    Or send them money? XD PAYMENT VERIFICATION.....WEIW THE ATTACHMENT FOR YOUR VERIFICATION‏ From: CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA ( Medium risk: You may not know this sender. Mark as safe|Mark as junk Sent: Wed 2/24/10 4:18 PM To: Attachments: 1 attachment CENTRAL...
  3. Seriouschris

    Who knew...

    Apparently telling someone here openly ":tweetz: or gtfo" is disrespectful and earns an infraction. Don't make the mistakes I have made!!
  4. Seriouschris

    Google announces Chrome OS
  5. Seriouschris

    WTT: Stock 09 GTI suspension for your Raceland/other coilovers

    Strange question but, hey, ya never know :iono: The suspension components have under 9000 miles as of this post and I live in Denver.
  6. Seriouschris

    FS: 4 17x7 Denvers >4k miles, NO rash, silver

    Hi, all! I'm selling the stock wheels from my 09 GTI in the Denver, CO area. They are low mileage and in SUPERB condition...wheels only, no tires or TPMS. 17x7.5, silver finish, 5x112. Local sale is ideal, though I'm willing to ship them when payment is clear and if the buyer covers the cost...