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  1. swcrow

    What All-Inclusive Resort Have You Stayed At? Would You Recommend?

    Looking to go to one with my family next year ('21) and want to ask the masses for recommendations. We have a teen, so can't be an adult only resort. My wife and I went to Sandals Antigua after we got married (2 decades ago) and absolutely LOVED it! Beaches were gorgeous and tons to do, but...
  2. swcrow

    Strafe Design Shipment Missing....Strafe or USPS Issue?

    I ordered a rear diffuser on 20 Aug. It didn't ship until 1 Sept. It hit the Denver USPS sorting facility and then tracking stopped. USPS says it's still "en route" to end address. At what point do I throw the flag and look for reimbursement? I've already submitted a ticket through USPS...
  3. swcrow

    Cell Pictures of What You're Doing Right Now..

    Keep it PG y'all! Love AAA games
  4. swcrow

    No Garage - Need Portable Car Port

    So I have a 12x16 concrete pad I had poured when I moved into my new house to allow me to have a level area to work on my car. The house had no garage, so I gave myself enough room for the concrete pad before I dropped in a shed for storage. Before I haul off and buy a portable carport...
  5. swcrow

    Need Guidance - Family Member Identity Stolen - What to do?

    Need some guidance if this has happened to you OR you know what to do. Long story short, my FIL had his information stolen from that OPM hack that happened awhile ago. All his military info was stolen (SSN, address, numbers, personal info, etc). Someone has started claiming his identity...
  6. swcrow

    Cirrhosis of the Liver - Need Advice

    So most likely the most un-fun topic of the year in the off-topic lounge, but need to ping the masses and ask for advice. Found out a few months ago my MIL had Hep C (has evidently had for 30 years and medical community misdiagnosed all along), and yesterday tests confirmed she's now in...
  7. swcrow

    Spartan Racers In Here?

    Any other Spartan Racers in here? Had to throw the question out (did a search on topic and only found a reply in an old hobbies thread I wasn't reviving)....absolutely love these pushing myself physically and these are the perfect outlet. Currently working on my first...