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    OT #27: Hot as Bawls Everywhere

  2. mk6medic

    POLE - Do you care?

    Well, do you?
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    Hey fellow forum goers! New member here!!!

    Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum! Looks like a cool place to be! I had a couple of questions, so be nice! What intake is best? Will a tune void my warranty? Will an exhaust sound like a riced out Civic? Thanks guys! I look forward to learning all I can! :thumbsup:
  4. mk6medic

    Another gorgeous weather day!

    Man.... got off work this morning and it was perfect. Windows down, roads dry, no salt, car clean, birds chirping. Supposed to be 72 here today. It'll be a good day to spend outside soaking up the sun. Just thought I would share.
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    POLE - Haz you had the anal sex, mang?

    Simple yes or no this time. Less polefail, more answers.
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    POLE - Would you tongue punch her fart box?

    Ass licking. Rimming. Tongue punching the fart box. Call it what you want, but there are people who like it. The anus has tons of nerve endings and could be a very pleasurable experience for that special someone. So, would you?
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    POLE - Age when you first bumped uglies mang?

    We all lost it. Well, almost all of us. So the curiosity reigns supreme as to the age in which members of this greatest forum known to douchetards everywhere wants to know, how old were you?
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    POLE - Measles and vaccinations - read thread for pole.

    This measles shit is gaining steam, specifically in California. Maybe you have heard. Anyhow, measles was pretty much nonexistent in the US due to vaccinations. Some believe vaccinations cause autism and other illnesses for children, in addition to other reasons for not vaccinating their...
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    Drivable upside down truck.... DAFUQ???

    Enjoy. 7rKPsFpJGqo
  10. mk6medic

    Someone PURPOSELY sucked sand into engine to "port" it....

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    POLE - Are you watching the Super Bowl?

    OF course as a knuckle-dragging, neanderthal, supercharged V8 and turbocharged diesel driver, weightlifting DEEK I will be. But will you?? Also, fuck Pete Carroll. No problem with Seattle other than that EOS driving prick of a coach.
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    OT #26 : Trapped in a glass case of emotion

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    POLE - Do you do illicit drugs, mang?

    Pretty simple question. Answers are not made public, so no worries there. Multiple choice as well. Have fun!
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    NEEK is a DEEK F250 Powerstroke Thread.

    We all suffer from this car addiction. Always wanting more. Looking for the perfect vehicle that fits both wants and needs. I found just the thing. First off, big thanks to PetrolHead for the Silverado hookup. Because of him I was able to not only get a massive deal on the Silverado, but turned...
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    POLE - What should the NEEK family have for dinner tonight?

    You see the choices. Pole will not close but I will go with winner at 6pm. 15 mins.
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    POLE - Anyone has this setup, mang?

  17. mk6medic

    Anyone tired of threads starting with "anyone"?

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    Inspired by the SHADOW, who was inspired to ask the question if such a thing existed because of this existing: Yes, it was good. I would say better than French Toast Crunch and even the classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But I could see having multiple boxes over a few days being too much. So...
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    POLE - How many drunks will I come in contact with at work tonight?

    Well, I work tonight. I start at 8. How many drunk people you think I will come in contact with tonight? Might be an eventful night for me, might not be. Oh, for those unaware, I am a paramedic in a suburban area that has a lot of bars and some seedy areas....
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    OT #25 : FAKE Off Topic