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  1. GTIMKV20

    Moving from New England to Hawaii - life change, need thoughts

    Hello fellow dubbers, Why do I bother asking GolfMK6 about my life issues you ask? The superior interior clearly makes all of you much more educated on life choices, obviously. But seriously, all of my friends are stuck in a similar situation and provide zero support/advice. So I turn to...
  2. GTIMKV20

    Anyone following the US dollar collapse articles from H.R. 2847, 7/1/2014?

    H.R. 2847: new bill passed goes into effect on July, 1st, 2014 Seems like a lot of hype about another stupid idea from Obama. Interested to see what people think about it as it has at least sparked my interest. I'm not posting articles, just google "H.R. 2847" or "July 1st, 2014"
  3. GTIMKV20

    FS: 2006 OEM downpipe w/ cat

    Took this off in 2009 and has been sitting ever since. Anyone need a stock downpipe to trade in their car or bring back to stock? It's in great shape, 25k miles on it. Locals to MA/NH/CT area only, willing to drive reasonable distance to meet. $20 or beer. Just seeing if anyone...
  4. GTIMKV20

    2012 365-day Photo Blog!

    Alright, so I have been following Grmncrsnbr (link to his thread) on GolfMKV for the last year in his 365 photo blog and decided to make my own. I am by no means a professional photographer, just an average guy who enjoys taking pics and got started with my obsession with my previous MKV GTI...
  5. GTIMKV20

    Feeler: RCD-510 premium 8 6-disc changer (brand new)

    Putting this up as a feeler since I have a 2012 gti coming in this week and I am swapping ou the radio for a nab unit. It will literally be unused and brand new. $480 shipped takes it and is a fair price I think Let me know if you are interested.
  6. GTIMKV20

    Back in the VW scene!

    Well after 3 years with my 06 GTI I sold it for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.... had that for 2 months and wanted to shoot myself. Today I stopped by VW and picked up a brand new 2012 Carbon Steel GTI. Sadly, moving to the MKVI forum but so glad to be back in the scene. Pics to follow when I...
  7. GTIMKV20

    FS: Volkswagen Premium 7 Radio 6 disc changer (silver buttons) with code

    As the title says, Premium 7 with silver buttons and code for sale. $120 shipped is the asking price. All my stuff is in mint, "like new" condition, other members can vouch for me if you are unsure. Please PM me for Paypal info if interested.
  8. GTIMKV20

    FS: "G" revision diverter valve

    I have this and its in great shape, no holes, no odd wear. I simply replaced it with the "D" revision when I had it, maybe 5k miles on it. $20 shipped. :thumbsup:
  9. GTIMKV20

    FS: Nokya Yellow 2500k Fogs AND High beams 9006 + H7

    4 bulbs in total. 9006 fogs H7 high beams (halogen FTP bulbs) rough idea of the look with both: $32 shipped for both or $18 shipped if you only want one set. PM me. Paypal is: :thumbsup: Offers are welcome.
  10. GTIMKV20

    FS: Ross-Tech VCDS Vagcom USB cable Micro CAN (free shipping)

    You all know the deal, I just sold the GTI and the vagcom cable goes to the highest bidder. This is an invaluable item for the MKV platform for diagnosing problems and issues and performing any changes (European, lights, window mods, logging, etc.). Price is $215 shipped, please PM me if...
  11. GTIMKV20

    FS: Part out GTI 2.0T FSI parts/accessories

    Hello everyone, Started a small partout over on vortex but please let me know if anyone is interested in anything. PM me here if interested. Link below:
  12. GTIMKV20

    A/C aircon compressor prices (OEM)??

    Looks like I need to replace the damn compressor in the GTI. has it for $460 shipped. Can I beat this anywhere else? I need it to be new and OEM or the dealer won't install it. They want to charge me $860 id I but it from them. I'm out of warranty before you all suggest...
  13. GTIMKV20

    I am retarded. 101 in a 65 reckless driving, need advice.

    Ok, I'm the first one to say speeding is dumb, but low and behold I took my wife's c30 down to CT from MA and got snagged doing 101 in a 65. Stupid stint, but I wanted to test out the new car in the family.. and of course I get busted with a cop on the side of the road that I could not see...
  14. GTIMKV20

    WTT: Nokya Hyper Yellow Fogs (9006) 55w for white 9006 Xenon match or similar

    Thinking about switching out my yellow fogs for white ones. Anyone want to trade and make our lives easier? Mine only have <50 hours on them. :thumbsup:
  15. GTIMKV20

    Diverter Valve Clip/Wires - HELP!!

    Ok, still trying to narrow down my boost problem and I am back to my DV. I have the "D" revision but the clip and wires have already been replaced once by me (and spliced together too) due to breaking the clip upon replacing the DV. Question is can I get the whole wiring assembly from the DV...
  16. GTIMKV20

    Intercooler boost hose gaskets (green expanding)

    Anyone have the part number? I've been trying to diagnose a boost leak forever and these hoses are blowing out some oil looking soot and it could be the culprit. I can't find the part number to buy it though - they are the green expanding gaskets inside the intercooler hoses. There are 3, one...
  17. GTIMKV20

    Best price for APR HPFP rebuild online?

    Looking to go stage II+, where is the best deal right now for an APR HPFP? I remember last year seeing prices around $500 from a variety of places. I can't see pending more than that, and I can't seem to find any going in the classifieds (used) right now either. :happyanim:
  18. GTIMKV20

    I miss summer. But winter is fun!

    :thumbsup::thumbsup: Just one sleeping in the driveway and a garage photo of mine and my other ride (wife's Xterra). Note the 6 foot snow drifts from all the damn snow we have in MA. Even if summer comes tomorrow, that snow isn't going anywhere!! Random photos I know, but I just got my...
  19. GTIMKV20

    New England Auto Show - Boston, MA - Dec 1-5, 2010 Not sure why this hasn't been posted yet but I just got an e-mail about this from VW and the auto show itself since I went last year. Great chance to see all the new 2011's! And VW has a pretty good sized area. At the Boston Expo Center...