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  1. Perpetuus

    Widest tire fitment (With coilovers)?

    I recall that running 245/40/17 on our cars is possible with the stock suspension setup. On my 18" wheels, what is the widest tire I could fit? Today I became curious about this because of two things that would likely give me extra clearance to fit a wider tire: 1) I am running -2 degrees of...
  2. Perpetuus

    Your experience with subframe collars?

    Although the clunking had gone away completely after installing my Tyrolsport subframe collars, I struggled and fought with the now uneven camber between my left and right front wheels. For the longest time (and after many alignment attempts), I believed that one of my spindles were bent, but...
  3. Perpetuus

    FS Brand New NGK Spark Plugs x4

    Selling a brand new set of NGK PFR7S8EG spark plugs. There are 4 plugs in the packaging. Brand new and never been used. $30 shipped CONUS/Canada
  4. Perpetuus

    K04 missing low end torque

    Previously, I had a driveability issue caused by a loose ignition coil ground point, giving the car intermittent power, almost like the turbo didn't spool up (but it did). The ground issue is now fixed, but I could no longer spin my tires even with modest throttle off the line like I could...
  5. Perpetuus

    Brake Pad Choices for Stoptech Big Brake Kit?

    I have been running the Stoptech ST-40 Big Brake kit for years and quite happy with its stopping performance and pedal modulation. However, the current pads I use create a ton of brake dust and squeak badly, which cakes up my calipers quickly and prevents the pads from sliding freely. This...
  6. Perpetuus

    FS: K04 Turbo (Needs Rebuild)

    Bought this K04 turbo years ago. Seller was dishonest and turbo turned out to be in need of a rebuild (shaft play). By the time I had all the parts ready to do the K04 install, it was too late to pursue the seller for a reimbursement. Selling as-is. PM me if interested. It's a K04-0064 with...
  7. Perpetuus

    What’s the last word on DM’s K04 tune?

    So, I am back after a long hiatus. Previously, I had issues with my engine not delivering power intermittently. This happened after I had my K04 installed and the DM K04 tune flashed. Basically, it had a a very annoying intermittent power issue and the whole car was fine mechanically, but a...
  8. Perpetuus

    FS: VF Engineering Engine + Trans Mounts

    Selling my VF Engineering Engine + Trans Mounts. These are in fantastic condition and used for very few miles - see pics. Only selling both as a set, the way they are meant to be installed. Excellent upgrade over the soft stock mounts. Ships in original boxes. 250 shipped CONUS. Payment...
  9. Perpetuus

    Faulty MAP harness or sensor?

    Has anyone experienced a faulty MAP sensor or MAP harness? If so, what did it drive like? I am chasing a problem which I suspect could be a bad MAP sensor or harness, and not quite sure how to verify it.
  10. Perpetuus

    Doors unlocking themselves after locking (sporadic)

    My doors seem to unlock themselves sometimes when I return to my car. VAGCOM shows this: 1 Fault Found: 00928 - Locking Module for Central Locking: Front Driver Side (F220) 008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent Do I need to replace the door latch, the harness, or both?
  11. Perpetuus

    Random Power Delivery Issues

    I have a full K04 turbo setup in my FSI MkV since some time ago. It was working perfectly (plenty of torque, excellent powerband, etc.) in the beginning, until my intercooler outlet hose and throttle body pipe popped loose a few times during a hard pull. Here is what the car drives like after...
  12. Perpetuus

    Passat aluminium spindle help needed

    I am installing a set of aluminium front spindles from the B6 Passat this weekend. Problem is, I can't find the torque spec for the shouldered nut (different than on the MkV) that fastens the outer tie-rod to the aluminium spindle. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  13. Perpetuus

    Which brake caliper to buy?

    I am looking to upgrade my front brake calipers (again). It's a long story, but previously, I had the Stoptech 328mm x 28mm two piece big brake kit. I still have a very nice set of pads for them, but I am looking for something different this time. It's not a priority to be able to use the...
  14. Perpetuus

    FS: Darkened Euro R32 Rear Tailights

    Selling my darkened Euro R32 rear tail lights, like-new condition and plug-and-play. Rear fog light circuit is included, but requires VAGCOM to use. These are darker than the stock tail lights, and have the amber outside turn signal. Manufactured by Hella, and comes stock on the Euro MkV...
  15. Perpetuus

    Stock injectors with K04 tune?

    I have the Unitronic K04 tune now on my K04 and S3 injectors, and am returning back to the factory K03 and stock injectors. Is it OK to swap it back to the K03 and stock injectors myself and drive the car with the Unitronic K04 tune on it to the dealer to get it reflashed? It will run rich...
  16. Perpetuus

    Exhaust coming loose

    Does anyone have a similar problem? Ever since going K04 my exhaust has a tendency to slide loose during hard acceleration. When this happens, I can see the exhaust tips have shifted out further than before by about 1/2" to 1". I have re-tightened the clamps many times. Have not looked at...
  17. Perpetuus

    MAP sensor troubleshooting

    I suspect that my MAP sensor might be either failing, or that the harness has an intermittent connection. The car runs rich, pulls timing early, and power delivery is delayed. Are those symptoms of a bad MAP sensor or bad MAP sensor harness? This is on a K04 with the DM K04+ tune. I have...
  18. Perpetuus

    VF Pendulum Mount Fitment Issues

    I am putting in the VF pendulum mount this week but having some fitment issues. There is absolutely no way that the torque rod is sliding into the large bushing in the subframe far enough that the bolt holes line up. The large bushing in the subframe where it slots into is free of debris, so...
  19. Perpetuus

    Help with electrical connector seals

    I unplugged a few electrical connectors today to clean the contacts using contact cleaner/brake cleaner. The problem is, some of the brake cleaner got onto the rubber seals in the connector, and now it seems like the seals expanded enough that the connector wont click when plugging it back in...
  20. Perpetuus

    Need help testing K04

    Sometimes my K04 makes full power, other times it boosts at 5000 RPM, and yet other times it makes ZERO boost. I took my K04 out to inspect it. No shaft play, no damage that I can see. I have a suspicion that my boost control is not working properly, or my wastegate is binding. My boost...