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  1. davesee

    Repair options?

    I've got a big exhaust leak where the flexpipe meets the pipe leading to the cat. (Pic attached) What would my options be to repair this? I'm decent at DIY projects (recently changed my timing belt) but never got into exhaust systems and don't know too much about it. Appreciate any help you...
  2. davesee

    Stupid birds...

    Must have been a pterodactyl to do all this in one drop :mad:
  3. davesee

    MAF wiring diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the mass air flow sensor? There are three wires that go to it: Black, Purple and Brown My vagcom log of MAF is a fixed number and I'm getting a MAF supply voltage code. I am attempting to test the wires before replacing the MAF
  4. davesee

    Would anyone be kind enough to....

    Point out some places I can check for common vacuum leaks? I've been having some hesitation and rough idling that goes away when I unplug the MAF. I know it could be the sensor itself but thought I'd check for leaks first. Hoping someone might be able to direct me to some spots that might be...
  5. davesee

    Stutter around 1900 RPM

    Can anyone help me out here? I have recently developed what feels like very short fuel cuts that only happen at 1900 rpm when under light load. If I accelerate quickly I do not get the stutter. I will notice this happening quite a lot during normal city traffic driving when going through that...
  6. davesee

    Coil Pack Failure after Plug Change

    Is it common for a coil pack to fail 1500 miles after a spark plug change? I'm thinking it was failing before and pulling them out and putting back in sped up the process... Any thoughts? I'm not 100% sure my shuddering problem is from a back coil pack, but that's what it seems like...
  7. davesee

    How to stop a stalker

    I know this is an odd forum to post a question like this. But I seem to recall a couple officers of law who frequent this site. I go way back on these forums from the day I bought my '06 GTI brand new.. no longer have it, sold it to put more money towards my first house. Anyhow, I have been...
  8. davesee

    Interesting "Got a ticket" question

    Hey there all, been a while since I posted. I sold my GTI a while ago for monetary reasons and got a MKIV GLI Anyway, I got a speeding ticket early this morning in Ohio on my way back home in Michigan. When I was younger I did my fair share of speeding and finally learned my lesson after many...
  9. davesee

    New VW commercials... help

    Does anyone have links to any of the new vw commercials where people at the dealership see themselves in the future? I've searched everywhere and all the ones that were previously posted on youtube have been taken down to "Use of Terms Violations" You guys have got to have seen them.... One...
  10. davesee

    Hofbräuhaus Newport, KY

    Has anyone been? My bro and I went over the past weekend and it was great.. I felt like I was in Germany again, the whole bier hall atmosphere, music, dancing and cheering on table tops. And, of course, there's nothing better than drinking great German beer out of a stein one liter at a time...
  11. davesee

    2005 Jetta GLI - Opinions

    Hey, looking to get a car with lower payments and thought the mkiv gli would be a great candidate.. For those who know about these, I'm open to tips.. It is a certified '05 GLI 1.8t (auto) with 22k miles on the clock. I would prefer a stick, but I need to share this car with someone who can't...
  12. davesee

    .cue wav file in OSX

    Does anyone know how to burn a cd from a cue file that references a large wav file in osx? Toast, for some reason, does not like a .cue / .wav file combo Thnx for any help
  13. davesee

    Rockin the Iraqi Streets dubstyle - ala EOD_ron

    Got these pics today from EOD_ron.. sent over a couple vw emblems a while back so he can represent!
  14. davesee

    How To Make A Subaru WRX STI Rally Car In 800 Hours

    This is a damn awesome video of how the guys at Subaru Rally Team USA tear down and build up a stock Subaru WRX STI into a snarling rally beast in about 800 hours of work — all compressed into three minutes.
  15. davesee

    Sunroof open with key IN door

    When I put my key in the door and turn and hold to the unlock position the door windows go down (as they should). I continue to hold the key in the unlock position and the sunroof does not open. I know this worked before as I've shown it to people because I thought it was a great feature. I...
  16. davesee

    Transporter 3 (Getting a new ride) Pardon the french... Looks like no more bimmer in this one, don't mind the replacement tho Hopefully this turns out to be better than Transporter 2
  17. davesee

    Red Bull Air Race - Detroit

    Anyone going? I'll be there! :biggrin:
  18. davesee

    VW Spring Promo

    Just got this email, thought those that didn't might like to see it.. 10% off DriverGear promo code
  19. davesee

    Foreign Car Haters

    What is everyone's take on all the people who seem to hate foreign cars? I see it all the time here, near Detroit, people with bumper stickers like: "Out of a job yet, keep buying foreign!" and "What you drive, drives America!". Maybe this type of thing isn't done as much in other states...
  20. davesee

    PGR4 Nürburgring VW Snapshot

    Thought it was cool..