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  1. hkswrxti

    OCC (Orange Coast College) Peeps

    Any OCC people here? school on monday :frown:
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    itsjdmyo/not (hdr, eh?)

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    Need Carfax !

  4. hkswrxti

    Key Hole stuck/jammed -

    So I was reversing out of my garage to park it onto the driveway and turned off the engine normally and everything. When I went inside the car to turn it back on, I can't stick the key into the ignition. Something is jammed? When I open the door, it beeps as if the key was in the ignition...
  5. hkswrxti

    Photoshoot spots in Orange County?

    Been cruising around the OC, trying to find more photo spots that are independent as well as a clean surrounding to shoot in. I found a couple here and there, but looking for some more input in other areas that you won't get bothered. Any area is fine, whether it would be an industrial or lots...
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    Just seven

  7. hkswrxti

    Rub with 235/40/18 - 18x8 et43 on H&R Supersports?

    I am sitting on H&R Supersports with the fender screw mod. I found a set of wheels and it comes with 235s. -Will these fit without any rubbing? or should I stick with 225s? -Will 235s fill the wheel gap or just make it taller? -Any benefits if I go with 235s? Thanks!
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    flat April-

  9. hkswrxti

    Front Grille Stripe - messed up painting - sand it out?

    So I screwed up my spare front grille stripe awhile back when I was painting my main front grille stripe (came out excellent). I was curious if you could sand this out smoothly. There are a bunch of finger print dents on it; some areas are slightly rough. If yes, what sand paper grit should...
  10. hkswrxti

    Alphards on H&R Supersports - questions

    I am thinking about getting some alphards and had a couple questions regarding some of my concerns. I am on H&R Supersports on stock shocks, which is about a 1.9-2" drop. Fender screw mod has been done. wheels spec: front / 18x8.5 et35 - 215/40/18 falken ziex rear / 18x.9.5 et40 - 225/40/18...