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  1. Freek

    Check this out: FAST related

    was browseing the VW site and came across this little flash site...some of these FASTs are pretty shweet! Custom FAST's
  2. Freek

    Possible Problem?

    Ok so while on my attempt at moving back home...i was driving down the highway and was about to be ran off the road by some asshole in a tractor i pressed the gas thing i know i hear a backfire and the car boggs down and the CEL comes first it just blinked and...
  3. Freek

    Goodbye Atlanta,Hello Ft.Lauderdale!

    Well peoples this is my goodbye post as of tomorrow night at this time i will be on my way back home to south florida....being i wont have internet for atleast the first 2 months u guys wont be seeing me or my hot little red headed VW spokeswomen...but im sure most of u will live :biggrin: i...
  4. Freek

    My new CAI!

    let me know what u all think of it
  5. Freek

    Quick Question..service indicator related

    Ok so this morning i went and got my 5k oil change(64.95 +tax incase anyone cares) well the other morning when i got in my car i noticed that on the MFD it said something like "service in 600 miles or 202 days"...well im still getting that after i got the oil change so the question is...can i...
  6. Freek

    Gamers: PS3 Vs Wii

    Ok check out this shows u how great the Wii will be!! :laugh: PS3 Vs Wii
  7. Freek

    HeHe Cool!

  8. Freek

    Color of your MkV

    Ok so i want to know what color everyones car seeing ALOT of people with i wanna start a poll to see whos got what so please vote for your color and also if u post in this thread...please only state the color of our car...i wanna keep this topic on topic...thanx
  9. Freek


    anyone up to play some and my good friend are playing Krik? Alf? MHS?
  10. Freek

    Some funny pictures

    Here is a link to some damn funny pictures Funny Pictures check em out
  11. Freek

    Quick Question (MkIV content)

    ok so the question is... did the MkIV's come with an LSD? my MkV is my first VW so i dont really know a whole lot about past Vdub's
  12. Freek

    Need a favor (pc software related)

    Ok so im dying to play Diablo II...but i have a slight problem i dont have the damn software...well i do...but the damn cd has a HUGE scratch on it and none of the 5 computers in my house will even read it...that and i guess the disk came with a cd key(friend burnt the CD for me) well from what...
  13. Freek

    WoW aka World of Warcrack

    So im sitting here trying to figure out if i wanna let me account go unpaid for after this month being im so bored then i figured i would come on here to see if there is anyone on my server that wants to chill maybe make the game alittle interesting for little bit longer im on Medivh...all my...
  14. Freek

    Leather Seats

    ok ive searched here and on the Tex...shit even google saw a quick search i want to know is there any hard proof that the leather seats in pkg 2 are in fact Recaro's? i know people claim they are and i know some people say the Euro seats are Recaro's...but i want to see some hard proof that...
  15. Freek

    Ok enough already..

    With the FRICKIN SURVEYS!!! holy hell...out of the 2 brand new cars i myself have owned and the countless new cars my family has owned my GTI has brought in the most frickin surveys...5...yes thats right 5...not the normal 1 from the actual manufacturer...but 5...i think ive gotten one from...
  16. Freek

    Montoya to NASCAR

    So some of u may have heard already but Juan Pablo Montoya is leaving F1 to go race in the NASCAR series...u can read about it here: Montoya to NASCAR also on the same note...Danica Patrick is also considering moving to NASCAR as soon as next up her place in the IRL...u can read...
  17. Freek


    Haha u thought i was leaving didnt ya? well im not but the Acura RSX will be! Honda/Acura is killing off the RSX for the 2007 the cheapest acura will be the 28,000$ TSX which in 2008 will come in a coupe version just read about it in this months issue of Motor Trend
  18. Freek

    Tiger Woods 06 for xbox360

    anyone got it for the 360 that wants to play a game over live with a newbie TW player? let me GT is NetworkProblems
  19. Freek

    HAHA...this is going to piss people off

    here we go...the smiley thread...thanx Vivid!! and these are just some of the ones i found funny off the first 2
  20. Freek

    Ugliest Car on The Road

    OK so i wanna hear what ever one thinks is the ugliest car on the road today... now some rules... 1. your car has to be model that was up for purchase from 1980-2007 2. No custom car's 3.Cars do not need to be US from all over the world are acceptable thats all i can think of for...