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  1. kirk180

    Tour De France 2010

    Anybody watching it? I just realized it was on like 3 days ago, and have since been following it. Watched the second half of todays stage. Looks like the usuals are all still safe.
  2. kirk180

    Cleveland makes an effort to keep

    A lot of the locals will recognize the faces in this video. Some funnier than hell ones (Marc Brown Norton's Furntiure). Some political ones.
  3. kirk180

    So who get's the 2nd most votes for NBA MVP?

    Seems there might be a close race for who gets second place in the MVP votes this year. No offense to the Kobe fans, but I honestly don't think it's going to be him this year. He's had a good year...but injuries and some not quite comparable numbers might knock him out of contention. Personally...
  4. kirk180

    Sports Sub-forum

    We've moved a few of the suggested threads into this sub-forum that were still actively being used. If anyone else has a thread they want moved to this sub-forum, that's on topic, feel free to shoot us a PM and we'll try to take care of it.
  5. kirk180

    Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter

    Anyone got one? I'm thinking about getting one for my online gaming, but wanted to see what others thought first. I read the reviews, but I just wanna make sure someone can vouje for them. Don't want it to slow down COD. FWIW: It would be located only one room away from the router?...about 15ft.
  6. kirk180

    Ah-ha! Busted!

    I woke up this morning...stepped out into the living room, and look what I found. These two boys got some explaining to do...
  7. kirk180

    Looking for an M Coupe/dream car:

    Ok. So I've always wanted a car that I could garage and keep the miles low on. My keeper if you will. Over the years I've had a few in mind that I'd like to still own 30 years from now or whatever. As of late, it's been the 2001-2002 BMW M Coupe with over 300hp. 0-60 in this RWD is 4.8 to 5...
  8. kirk180

    The Cavs Pride Thread: Why LeBron James is MVP

    Not sure if those of you who follow b-ball caught the first part of the series that they started yesterday on, but it was pretty legit. Talked about Lebron being close to putting up the best overall numbers since Jordans career decades ago...and having a shot to pass them up as well...
  9. kirk180

    I'm a curse and I'm a sound:

    ...It's stuck in my head for some reason today. Evil S I yes to find a shore, A beach that doesn't quiver anymore, Where we can crush some plants to paint my walls, And I won't try to fight in the weekend wars Was I? I was to lazy to bathe Or paint...
  10. kirk180

    Jackson vs Jardine.

    Anyone got a link they can post?
  11. kirk180

    Question for you guys:

    Ok, so I went bowling with this girl Tuesday. She has the clap, or maybe it's herpes. Should I call her again to see if she wants to bowl or maybe shoot some pool Saturday? When's the right time to call back. Should I wait 3 days? I don't wanna sound eager. Cuz then they have you by the balls...
  12. kirk180

    MB GLK 4Matic:

    I've never been an SUV kind of guy, but this Mini Lux SUV seems to be sucking me in over the last couple of days. I really like the chiseled look on all the edges. Reviews seem solid, and the storage space inside is surprisingly well. I do wish that the fuel consumption was a little better. But...
  13. kirk180

    Cavs vs Lakers:

    Everybody wants it. Gotta say, I like how it started by showing Lebron on the Lakers bench shaking hands and smiling at everyone. He's relaxed and just trying to have fun. Enjoy the game!
  14. kirk180

    Sanjay Gupta for Suregon General:

    For those who may be interested, I was watching CNN and they've been breaking the news that Sanjay Gupta has been approached about being the next Surgeon General. He hasn't accepted yet. But they did state that he's talking with CNN and CBS big wigs to see if he can get out of his journalism...
  15. kirk180

    What's The Future Hold For Gaming?

    I've been talking about this with friends for a little while now, and decided to start a thread on it after writing my review in the World At War thread. Mind you I haven't read any game info mags in a while, so I don't know anything for sure. My mind was simply pondering the thought. What I...
  16. kirk180

    Seen vette girl yet?

    I read an article about her in my Corvette Quarterly magazine and decided to check the site. I think she's a single mother of three that sounds like she fell into a pretty good gig. You can watch her driving improve dramatically from the first series on. Haven't checked it all out yet. But I...
  17. kirk180

    Enter @ Own Risk

    What? GTI2007 has that many post in here already! You PW...:p
  18. kirk180

    Request for pitbull592:

    You have any videos of yourself in MMA that you could post up for us? If you've already done so, then I'm out of the loop. If you don't have any, perhaps the wife could record a bout and post it here. I'm sure others would like to see a fellow GolfMKV member get it on. Just curious.
  19. kirk180

    Speaking of Tents:

    Was checking out the Outback forums and seen this thread. Just thought I'd let you guys know that these work for the GTI too. The gf and I are looking at getting one, since it fits both cars. And then just packing it in the car we take that trip. Check out both links. The first links just to...
  20. kirk180

    That's one less GTI in the family:

    Well...after a lot of thinking and a lot of looking around, I came to the conclusion that the Outback was "the" car to have if you were going to own a car that was good (not great) at just about everything. Simply put, it's very practical. So I decided to pull the trigger and picked up my '08...