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  1. MKVDave

    Quick Photoshop Request.

    Hello! If anyone could please help me out a bit, trying to picture what it'd look like with Flat black Rub Strips and Flat black mirror caps (Like the black lowers) If any photoshop guru's could chime in and help out. Here's the best side shot I have.. Apparently it doesn't want to resize...
  2. MKVDave

    WRD Coilover Review

    Hello all! I don't normally post much, I kind of just creep around and I thought I'd share my experience with a newer company by the name of WRD. I was browsing the Vendor Classifieds on VW Vortex one day, searching for some deals on Coilovers since I was sick of the drop (Or lack of) with my...
  3. MKVDave

    CTS Turbo & CTS Turbo Catback Exhaust Review: My Story. (It's a novel)

    Hello fellow dubbers, I recently discovered the amazing guys over at CTS Turbo and the artwork they create for our little machines we all know and love. I thought I'd write up my story of my experience, and a review of the product I purchased. I drive a 2007 GTI, FSI 2.0t and I purchased a CTS...
  4. MKVDave

    WTB Stock GTi Catback

    Bought one, thanks all.