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    EONON GA5153V Head Unit

    Hey there everyone! Just wanted to give a heads up i'l be posting a video shortly (possibly tonight if it uploads) for my installation and a little review on this head unit. I've seen a lot of chatter about this head unti over in Golf MkVI. I haven't seen any uploads about the unit or...
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    So I have been looking through the posts and can't find any recent posts about intakes. I'm trying to figure out what kind of intake i want to put in 09TSI motor. Just kind of curious as to whats out there and what are some of the better options to go down.
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    Upstate NY

    Anyone around the Albany area on here?
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    09 GTI Third Break Light

    My third break light is out (the one on the spoiler) and i have a new one to replace it. Has anyone on here done it? I brought it into a shop to get my windshield replaced and asked if they could put it on and they said it's glued in and the don't know how to get it out. Any thoughts?