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    GTI Coilovers, Intake Manifold, + wheels!

    Hello, I have for sale: CX Racing Coilovers, roughly 20k miles on them, 32 way adjustable, $350 obo Intake manifold, genuine VW, NIB, $120 obo Aristos-style wheels. 18x8, et35, 5x112, roughly 24-25 lbs. $400 obo. Link to post with pics...
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    FS: Huffs 18'' SoCal

    Stock 18x7.5 et52 Huffs for sale, $350 obo picked up. Located in Los Angeles, CA, but travel between Santa Barbara and Orange county occasionally. For quickest response, email me at Side note: Also have an intake manifold, stock suspension, and CXRacing coilovers...
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    FS: 18'' OEM Huffs

    Now asking $350 obo. Pics and original post here Located in Los Angeles, but travel often between Santa Barbara and Orange County. For quicker reply, feel free to email me at
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    brake failure due to faulty vacuum pump

    Hello, I have a 2009 GTI, and while driving with some friends yesterday, my brake pedal became extremely stiff, causing the brakes to become almost completely ineffective. As we were on a spirited drive down a twisty road, the experience was quite nerve racking, as I had push the pedal as hard...
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    possible scam, please help

    EDIT again! Been two-three months trying to get an intake from cosedsc. Money was sent months ago, and I can't get ahold of him. He said that the intake got shipped back to him, so I gave him a new address. I haven't gotten the package, and I can't get in touch with him despite multiple...