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    French Gti searching for front Bumper Infos ^^

    Hello Community :) I'm french and actually searching for informations about Us front bumper on Gti for my white Edition 30. On this board, I was falling in love with this one with orange night-light. In Europe, we don't have this option and I'd like to mode my fast :wub: My front Gti...
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    Exhaust Manifold for Gti Edition 30 (Tfsi 230 BYD)

    Hello, I'm searching for Exhaust / Turbo Manifold for my Gti Editon 30 please. I'm only found parts for Tfsi 200 or K04 conversion kits. Any one can help me please ? Thanks for helping. sorry, I'm french and not tidly with english. Have a nice wk Regards. Marc
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    What is the difference between Gti and Ed30 TFSI ?

    Hello, I'd like to know what is the real difference between Gti (standard) and Gti Edition 30 in Hardware. Some web site says that this 230PS Have K03 turbo, K04 Turbo ? But not any one says the same ! And on, no information :( Can some one tell us please ? Bests Thanks. :w00t: :cool: