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  1. gtacanuck

    FS: OEM GTI Headlights

    SOLD! THANKS FOR LOOKING For sale is a set of OEM GTI Projector headlights. Both headlights have the top tab broken but can be fixed with a tab repair kit from VW Does not include: Ballasts, Igniters or D2S bulbs Includes: everything else. (DRL's, High Beam's, Turn Signal's, Rear Caps) The...
  2. gtacanuck

    FS: LH OEM Projector Headlight

    Bought this a while ago with plans on doing an OEM upgrade for my rabbit. Found another set and went with it. Top tab is broken, but can get a tab repair kit at VW for $30 Pics for reference. Comes with back caps. No ballast, no HID lamp. $250 local Toronto, $275 shipped OBO Pics for...
  3. gtacanuck

    Word Association Game

  4. gtacanuck

    JVC AVX-820 & Goodies

    JVC AVX-820 w/ Wiring Harness, Antenna adapter, MKV Mounting Bracket and Frame Currently I have the latest model from JVC which is, the JVC KW-AVX820 This deck comes loaded with. 7" motorized screen which is also detachable ipod and usb...
  5. gtacanuck

    WTB: Ballasts & Igniters

    Looking to buy: 2 Ballasts & Igniters for MK5 GTI headlights. PM is key! :thumbup:
  6. gtacanuck

    Rear fog / Amber Lense

    Hey all, Just wondering. I took apart my stock lense for my MKV and it currently has the clear one in it. It comes out no problem. Instead of buying the whole new rear fog housing, is there a part number available for the red lense itself? TIA! :thumbup:
  7. gtacanuck

    VAG COM - Help with new headlights

    Hey All, Wondering if any of you are able to help. I recently bought these headlights I am also equipped with a Euroswitch with coming home feature. My DRL's are off with VAG COM I have also tested turning off the...
  8. gtacanuck

    Toronto International Auto Show

    Hey guys, The show is coming Feb 12-21, who's planning on going? They had the R20 in Montreal, most likely it will be in Toronto too... Any groups planning on going?
  9. gtacanuck

    Looking for a couple part numbers

    Hey guys, I am looking for the North American part numbers for the following: Lower R32 Rear Bumper Exhaust cutout valence Reflectors Everything shown in this picture pretty much (except the exhaust & upper bumper) Thanks in Advance!
  10. gtacanuck

    WTB: MKV R32 Front Center Grill

    Looking for R32 MKV Front Center Grill. Preferred holeless preferred with emblem PM IS KEY! :thumbsup: or send email to: jordan at neocell dot ca
  11. gtacanuck

    WTB: MKV GTi Headlight Housings

    Hi all, Looking for a pair of xenon projector headlight housings. Must be OEM Must be in good condition Must be a FULL set, not just 1 side I do not need ballasts or bulbs. Just the housings please. Please pm me an offer.
  12. gtacanuck

    Driving from Toronto to Pittsburgh..

    Hey guys, I will be driving down to see a Pens game Dec 11. Question to you guys... What is the tolerance in MPH that coppers give you guys before they pull you over? Anyways thanks in advance for any help.
  13. gtacanuck

    FS: Premium 7 Head Unit - Out of 08 rabbit - Silver Buttons

    Hey all, New to the forums here, was referred to post here from rabbitownersclub to get more exposure to sell this unit. Like New (car had 1200 Miles on it when taken out) Premium 7 Head Unit No Scratches Asking $150 OBO + Shipping Located in Toronto Area, but will ship to Canada and Lower 48