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  1. Sudu420

    Any tv guru's on here to help?

    Just trying to see if there is anyone on here versed in troubleshooting tv issues. I've been having an issue with my tv that's been getting progressively worse. Shoot me a pm if you can help, thanks.
  2. Sudu420

    Cell Phone Wallpapers

    ^ that's a sweet wallpaper. Set it to mine just now. It's on an iPhone 4. The background you don't like doesn't bother me a, because its actually the gti plaid seat pattern, and b, because I always have clouds, rain, sun, etc according to the current weather in the top background of My home screen.
  3. Sudu420

    1996 B4 Passat GLX VR6- swpa

    Up for sale is my 1996 B4 Passat GLX VR6. Its green with tan interior 134k on the clock. I have recently put alot of time and money into the motor of this car. I finally got my new job making good money so I am purchasing another mkv this week. Need to sell my b4 asap! Check out my thread on...
  4. Sudu420

    Trucker fail!

    On my way to auto zone today traffic is backed up a bit right before this underpass. Finally get closer see this. Sorry don't know how to imbed from my phone. I have seen many videos of truck drivers getting stuck or not...
  5. Sudu420

    2.0t valve cover gasket

    I have had this sitting around my room now for about a year and I have no use for it. ECS has it for $12.96+ $10 for shipping to my zip (which is only about 100 miles from them). Its Victir Reinz Sealing Products from Germany, brand new never opened. Pics upon request if needed. $20 shipped...
  6. Sudu420

    1996 b4 passat glx vr6

    As the title says I have a 1996 b4 vr6 for sale. The car has been a reliable daily driver for about a year but I'm looking to get back into a mkv. It has 130k and is green with tan leather int. There is no major issues with the car. Runs good, starts everyday and gets me where I need to be. I...
  7. Sudu420

    WTB- MKV 2.0t

    Its finally time for me to get back into a mkv. I'm looking for either a GTI, GLI, or Jetta 2.0t. Looking for an 06/07 for under 13k. Send me a PM.
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  9. Sudu420

    WTB- mk3 vr6

    Hey guys. I've been searching for weeks for the right car and its proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm looking for a mk3 vr6 (jetta,gti,passat).I need a car asap since I totaled my mkv. I live near Pittsburgh, PA but I'm willing to drive a good distance for the right car...
  10. Sudu420

    car totaled.. parts for sale

    PRICE DROPS!!! So my car was totaled 2 weeks ago by a Nissan Altima. NOTE: the car has already been towed away by the insurance company. These are the only parts I have. By sudu420 at 2011-02-05 By sudu420 at 2011-02-05 I went yesterday to clean out the car and pull as much off as i...
  11. Sudu420

    ABS and ESP issues

    So on my way home from Johnstown last night I turned my car on after filling up with gas and my ABS light was lit up as well as the ESP light letting me know that ESP was OFF, but i never turned it off and It was stuck on OFF(the button didnt work). The roads were pretty wet so I decided to see...
  12. Sudu420

    Winter Classic 2011

    Who's gonna be tuning in? I know there has to be some hockey fans on this forum. The game is going to be pushed back to 8pm cause of the weather predictions, which imo is sick cause it will be under the lights. LETS GO PENS! btw... sid is a god on the ice. he is just proving it this...
  13. Sudu420

    fuel cuts?

    So I searched but couldnt find anything similar to my case so here goes. Coming home on the highway this morning I was checking my boost too make sure the catch can i just installed is holding up properly. I was in 4th gear around 4000 rpms and went wot, watching my boost climb up to 21psi...
  14. Sudu420

    cam follower wear stock vs chipped

    The one on the left is the one that was in the car since i got it(67k). that follower came out at 79k, I put 12k on that follower myself so who knows the total miles on it. The one on the right is the one I replaced yesterday. Car now has 90k. That follower had 3k stock, 3k stage 1, 5k stage 2...
  15. Sudu420

    before and after shots.

    I finally got my car back on Friday night after 7 weeks of being at the shop. The whole front end was replaced pretty much except the top grill and drivers side fog grill and housing. Also the passenger side front fender above the wheel had a dent in it. Which is very wierd because I didnt hit...
  16. Sudu420

    Surewin dp gasket..

    I bought a Surewin dp off ebay over the summer and when I did the install I used the new gasket from Surewin. I read to just use the old factory one but I didnt cause my car had 85k on it at the time and the gasket was bent and pretty beat up. I have read some of Vikings posts on here about his...
  17. Sudu420

    This has to be a joke..

    I dont know if this is a repost or not but here you go:barf:
  18. Sudu420

    Over the hill, car wont run:(

    So the other night I was driving home and a deer jumped out onto the road. I attempted to miss it, and I did but slick roads put me over a hill. About 10 feet down the hill there is a little cement drainway where my front passenger side slammed into, sent me spinning down the rest of the hill. I...
  19. Sudu420

    stage 2 vs m3

    Just got home from seeing Jackass 3D and pulling out of the mall this beamer was behind me the whole way to the highway. Once on the highway he hangs back quite a bit so I just get into fifth and drive. Next thing i know i see him flying past me, so i catch up. He put his window down and pointed...
  20. Sudu420

    car not locking?

    I have been having some issues with my doors not locking. I ALWAYS lock my car and sometimes when i go to get in I forget to hit the unlock button but the door opens anyways and the alarm goes off. Recently it seems like everytime I forget to unlock it happens. So I have been purposly not...