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    Help me pick a wheel.

    I have an opportunity to purchase a used set of each of the following wheels. I am really torn between the neuspeed rs10: and the BBS CH: Which you do prefer?
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    Turbo Paul

    Thanks to Turbo Paul, I am picking up my four door GTI, tomorrow!:thumbup: He even sent me a pre-delivery picture: Paul Semhon at Halterman's VW in East Stroudsburg, PA is highly recommended!
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    David Michael Motor Group

    I've purchased or helped family members purchase all makes: Honda, Toyota, Acura, BMW, and Audi. But my VW experience has been terrible at David Michael Motor Group. I've never had a salesman be so dishonest as this one in Freehold, NJ. :thumbdown: VWoA really needs to work on these...
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    Good mechanic in Central Jersey?

    I recently moved to NJ. Any recommendations for a good mechanic in Central Jersey for suspension installation, routine maintenance, etc? Thanks