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  1. mkvnamedlucy

    FS R32 Omanyts

    I finally found a set of wheels so I need to sell these. They have 225/40/18 nankang tires with less than 1000 miles on them. $500 Tapatalk-o-bell
  2. mkvnamedlucy

    WTB mkv r32 exhaust

    Hey guys I wanted to see if someone has an exhaust theyre trying to get rid of. Close to Harrisburg PA would be great. Thanks in advance. Tapatalk-o-bell
  3. mkvnamedlucy

    FT Omanyts

    Hey guys I want to trade my Omanyts because Im sick of oem. Plus cash on my end. Plasti is ripped off so no worries. They have nankang tires with about 500 miles on them. Preferably ones around central PA. Thanks in advance. Tapatalk-o-bell
  4. mkvnamedlucy

    After air suspension- one side of car lower

    Hey guys I've searched around and none of the info really applied to me because they were about coilovers and springs. Anyways, I installed the air suspension about a year and a half ago and not too many problems. In the past few months I noticed the rear driver side tire has worn down way more...
  5. mkvnamedlucy

    Wtt leather seats for plaid

    Hey everyone, I wanted to trade my leather seats for plaid. They are all in good shape. I can post more pics if anyone is interested. Please be around the Harrisburg, Pa area. Thanks. Tapatalk-o-bell
  6. mkvnamedlucy

    Gti rear leather seats

    Gti rear leather seats for sale. 300 obo. I would prefer pick up only. We can work out a cheaper price if it is picked up. Thanks guys. Ill try to get pics posted up Tapatalk-o bell
  7. mkvnamedlucy

    Bagged mkv for sale 13k

    Hey guys I want to go a different route with a mk3 so I want to get rid of lucy. 06 gti 6mt 112,xxx Gonzo tune Ecs tuning aluminum oil filter housing 42dd catch can Raceland 3" downpipe Itg intake Forge divertor valve R32 omanyts Air lift slams front and rear with analog management Badgeless...
  8. mkvnamedlucy


    Just installed my airlift kit and after a few hiccups everything is up and running. I still need to do a notch and a trunk makeover. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry about the limited shitty phone pics. Tapatalk-o bell
  9. mkvnamedlucy

    H&r cup kit with bilstein struts/shocks

    cup kit for sale. Make an offer. Sorry they are really dirty, they just came off. Please excuse the downpipe. Would prefer local pickup. New price-200 Tapatalk-o bell
  10. mkvnamedlucy

    Air ride with 19 inches

    I wanted to get one of the air ride kits on ecs and was wondering if itll work alright with 19s. Is it just a matter of fender rolling and pulling, or would it be better to just get 18s and not worry about any bodywork? Thanks in advance. tapatalk-o-bell
  11. mkvnamedlucy

    What kind of cars do your friends drive?? Pics

    friend 1 friend 2 and 3 tapatalk-o-bell
  12. mkvnamedlucy

    FT Privat Netz 19"

    I wanted to trade my netz for some 18s. Anything but huffs really. 19x8 5x112 one wheel is bent and all have new tires. Local trades near Harrisburg, PA tapatalk-o-bell
  13. mkvnamedlucy

    r rear off ebay?

    Yeah they cut off the suitcase and weld in the axle back tapatalk-o-bell
  14. mkvnamedlucy

    Gonzo Tuning

    Anyone who doesn't want to spend their life savings on Unitronic or APR check out this guy Gonzo. I'm getting the same numbers as both of them and for $350 you just can't beat it.:thumbsup:
  15. mkvnamedlucy

    Wtb- R32 rear bumper

    Anyone have a CW R32 rear bumper? Or even an unpainted one? I want to do a rear conversion on my gti and the stealership rapes. Thanks in advance:thumbup: