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  1. S'more 07

    WTB Interior doors panels.

    Looking to get both interior door panels for a 2008 MKV 2 door. The fabric is falling off.
  2. S'more 07

    FS: MK5 Votex Rear Bumper

  3. S'more 07

    FS MKV Parts

    Yep still have the center section, I'll look for the mesh part.
  4. S'more 07

    FS MKV Parts

    Yep just messaged you, sorry it took so long don't monitor this thread that often.
  5. S'more 07

    FS MKV Parts

    Yep, It's a MKV off a 2007 . Lower valance only
  6. S'more 07

    FS: MK5 Votex Rear Bumper

    Glad it found a new home !
  7. S'more 07

    FS: MK5 Votex Rear Bumper

    Let me check on the shipping cost and get back to you.
  8. S'more 07

    FS MKV Parts

    A few more items
  9. S'more 07

    FS MKV Parts

    Up for sale.
  10. S'more 07

    FS: MK5 Votex Rear Bumper

    Cleaning out the garage, this is still available now for free! I also have an OEM rear lower valance too.
  11. S'more 07

    Needing Exhaust

    I have a full turbo-back exhaust off a 2007 MKV that I would love to get rid of. If you want to make the trip up North it's yours. I will need to get it out of the crawl space, so let me know if you still need one.
  12. S'more 07

    FS: MK5 Votex Rear Bumper

    Bump~ priced lowered
  13. S'more 07

    FS: MK5 Votex Rear Bumper

    I have a Votex rear bumper that needs work, It's repairable but needs more than I can do. Local pick-up only $50
  14. S'more 07

    FS: MK5 Vortex Rear Bumper Moved

    Moved Please delete
  15. S'more 07

    Totaled ?????

    So this happened today!:frown::frown::frown:
  16. S'more 07

    FS CW Votex Rear... broken ... but fixable!

    Candy White Votex rear broken but fixable! $195.00 or OBO with NO SHIPPING, please.
  17. S'more 07

    Little car BIG load!

    Friday Funny:happyanim::happyanim::happyanim:
  18. S'more 07

    WTB Drivers Leather Seat

    Looking for a very clean leather drivers seat with no blemishes for a 2007 Mkv GTI.
  19. S'more 07

    Blaupunkt Philadelphia 845

    Just came across this new unit. Blaupunkt Philadelphia 845 Has anyone got anything on this?
  20. S'more 07

    European LED Tail Lights failing

    European LED Tail Light Set ES#10177 installed 2010. I have these installed for 5 years with no problem. They are awesome. But noticed today that the amber parts/turn signals are starting to burn out:iono: some even are flickering. Just small sections are not working 2 or 3 rows are out. Is...