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    long time no see...

    hey guys, so my tranny for my 07 rabbit is taking a shit. :mad0259: im looking to get a gti this year, but i really love my car. lol lots of memories, if i get my tranny rebuilt or even a new tranny, might as well convert my car into a manual. any ideas or a diy? any help is super appreciated...
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    fellow dubbers...

    question. i have an 07 rabbit automatic, and when i drive for bout 15-20 miles on the freeway and then get off to get home, my car kinda jerks, as im getting off the freeway and slowing down, it jerks back as soon as it the gears are shifting down. the best way i can explain it is it feels like...
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    one question...

    ive done research already, and i still dont know which intake is best for my 07 rabbit. :mad: any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:
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    idk if this is a repost but i think this is pretty cool. digging the whole body.
  5. J

    led interior.

    idk bout these, they seem legit and it states that they don't throw any codes or anything. any ideas?
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    plasti dip?

    anybody ever plasti dip their side skirts? i tried searching but i couldn't find it. suggestions would be cool. i wanna do my votex rep lip.
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    i have my car lowered with some h&r ss springs. and i just bought my votex rep lip and just wanna know if i should be scared of it getting messed up with any of the dips or potholes? let me know.
  8. J

    fk struts

    just got an offer for some struts and springs, from a local. what do you guys think? hows the ride smooth? thanks! :thumbsup:
  9. J

    FS: Gti rear bumper.

    for sale, 80 obo tornado red bumper. meet ups only, will ship at buyers expense.
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    alright so I'm looking for some new wheels. I'm not feeling the ones i have anymore. they're msr wheels 18" my tires that I'm on right now are 225/40ZR18 I'm looking for possibly 17's or 18's? any suggestions? i was thinking possibly for bbs lm reps? thanks guys. oh and I'm currently on h&R ss...
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    nikon d60?

    so i wanna get my first camera, well slr camera. i know its old but its in my price range. my buddy wants to sell me it for 350. shutter life is 4,400. anything else i should know bout it? any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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    side view mirrors?

    ok i tried searching it and i couldn't find it. so here it goes. yesterday i was trying to adjust my side view mirrors. and for some reason my little knob only made them go down, i couldn't adjust them to go up or to the sides. i have an 07 rabbit. possibly ill need a new switch? or a fuse...
  13. J

    FS: stock 07 rabbit springs

    just recently lowered my car. don't need these anymore. any offers? starting at 80? shipping will depend where, shoot some offers!
  14. J

    rabbit badgeless grille?

    i couldn't find this anywhere, but wanted to see what everybody thinks bout it? any suggestions?
  15. J

    fog lights? projectors?

    projector fogs or just reflective fogs? which are better for a 07 rabbit? any ideas?
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    i just finished installing my h&r ss springs. and for some reason when i press on the gas, it sounds like my axles are rubbing, or something else. i have no idea, only when i press the gas tho. if I'm going downhill, and let go of the gas, i don't hear the noise. any ideas? only when i step on...
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    so I'm starting to fix up the rabbit. its 07 automatic (i know i should've gotten manual) what i want is to get an exhaust system, maybe some eurojet headers, if not something not so expensive, and possibly an intake. as far as looks. i had some gti side skirts installed and i have a gti rear...
  18. J

    5 panel wink mirror?

    views on these? any thoughts.
  19. J

    bbs lm reps? good price?
  20. J

    ebay headlight questions if i were to get these do i need any modifications? noob question i know, lol any suggestions on these?