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  1. pubmariner

    Help Identifying Noise

    So I've got a 2008.5 GTi and while she's starting to show her age, I've been able to fix just about everything that's come along so far. Before I go tearing things apart, I thought I'd ask ya'll if you can identify the noise. The noise is a whistling/whining sound on cold start. It sticks...
  2. pubmariner

    Advice Needed: Exhaust Gasket Leak 2008 TSi GTi

    Howdy neighbors, long time listener first time caller. I finally figured out that the whistling and chirping that my car has been experiencing for a few months is an exhaust leak, probably at the manifold, but could use advice/input on the fix and diagnosis: Issues: 1. Cold start chirping and...
  3. pubmariner

    Pittsburgh,PA Area Checking In

    Long time listener, first-time caller. I was an active member years ago and need some more GTi love in my life. Technically in Beaver, PA but everyone seems to know Pgh. :thumbsup: