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  1. 3AFL

    MKV GTI steering wheel

    Has all the controls, and includes air bag. $250 obo Shipping not included
  2. 3AFL

    My bad hatch latch

    The other day, I closed my hatch, and it didn't take. I was able to pull it right up. So, pulled on the hook part, on the car. It seemed to work, because the hatch locked shut. Well, I opened it up yesterday, and the same problem occurred. This time, my same solution didn't work. The latch...
  3. 3AFL

    WTB: Rabbit Front Brake

    I'm looking for the rotors, pads, and clips. If you are close to Pittsburgh, I will come and pick up.
  4. 3AFL

    WTB: Carbon fiber hood

    The sooner the better. Will pay shipping.
  5. 3AFL

    Set of mirror cap covers

    Made an ordering mistake, and now I have a pair of mirror covers that attach to your existing covers with 3M tape. I'm not interested in them, and am selling for $50 plus shipping. PM for photos.
  6. 3AFL

    FS: Chrome mirror caps

    Mint condition. Send me pm for photos. $90 plus shipping.
  7. 3AFL

    Chrome mirror caps

    Just the caps, $110 + shipping
  8. 3AFL

    Dash vent

    I'm sure no one needs it, but I'm selling one. $20 plus shipping. Do it.
  9. 3AFL

    DSG shifter

    DSG shifter w/ boot. Boot has yellow stitching, bought used but never installed. PM for pics. Looking to get $90 obo.
  10. 3AFL

    FS: Premium 7 silver knobs

  11. 3AFL

    GTI gauge cluster installed in a rabbit

    Anyone ever done this before? Is it possible?
  12. 3AFL

    Audi steering wheel

    Anyone ever put one on their car?
  13. 3AFL

    Chrome mirror caps

    Wonderful condition, still in the box they were shipped in. I never personally used them. $110 shipped.
  14. 3AFL

    Premium 7 radio

    Bought it off a member here. Still in the box. Got it for $100 shipped. asking same price. Will post pic later.
  15. 3AFL

    Swapping rabbit shifter for DSG

    i was trying to see if anyone has done this yet, but im looking ot swap out my rabbit shifter for the GTI dsg shifter. I wanted to know if it is possible to do just that, switch one for the other without any other mechanical/wiring parts needed.
  16. 3AFL

    Changing to digital climate controls

    Has anyone ever done this? Gone from stock to the dual climate control/digital set up? I've been told that it isn't just plug and play, you need new wiring. Can anyone help me out? Thank you.
  17. 3AFL

    Replacing gauge cluster

    Stupid question. Is it possible to have the milage reset or set to what your vehicle was at before the replacement?
  18. 3AFL

    changing from Rabbit DSG to GTI DSG

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times already, but i'm a bit lazy. Is it possible to switch out the Rabbit shifter for the GTI shifter? I understand that the button is in different positions on the shifters, but is it do-able? Thanks for your time.
  19. 3AFL

    WTB: GTI DSG shifter

    Just like it says, im looking for the entire shifter, not just the ball on top.
  20. 3AFL

    WTB: Lower half of GTI rear bumper

    I'm looking for the lower piece of a GTI bumper. Simple enough.