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    any philly area wheel polishing recommendations?

    I just got some A8 monoblocks and i'd like to get them polished. Are there any Philly area shops anyone can recommend?
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    FT/FS: 18" MERCEDES OEM 8.0" wide wheels(MINT CONDITION)- SOUTH NJ(08055)

    posting this for a non-mkv-having friend wheel flip link MERCEDES GL CLASS factory original OEM aluminum alloy wheels. +center caps included. 5x112 lug pattern 18"x8.0 (Non staggered) Et: 53 8Jx18H2 Came off of a 2008 gl450 In 100% mint condition! No bends, scratches, curbage...
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    what amps do you like for a 300w RMS 4 ohm sub?

    My lovely wife bought me a Pioneer TS-SW2501S4 10-Inch Step Up Shallow S4 Subwoofer for my birthday. I'm going to be using this in conjunction with an uberstealth side mount box. I'm currently looking at the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D (300w @ 4 ohms) and the JL XD600/1 (400 watts @ 4 ohms) but...
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    FS - 5mm H&R spacers with 32mm ball seat lugs

    selling my 5mm H&R spacers with ball seat lugs for $35. In philly but will ship at buyer's expense. hardly used, tried them out for a few miles and decided to go with bigger spacers. on ECS tuning
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    vibration after adding hubcentric spacer

    got new tires saturday and they were mounted and balanced with the wheel. no problems on the highway after balancing, the new wheel/tire combo felt great. After that i installed 8mm hubcentric spacers on the back and now my shit is vibrating at 80mph. i cleaned off the mounting surface on the...
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    things to replace when upgrading suspension

    i'm looking to get some coilovers and sway bars soon and i'm wondering if there is anything else i should refresh while that is being done. I ordered the ECS install kit with two upper strut bearings, two upper front strut mounts, two upper rear shock mounts and all the mounting hardware and...
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    WTB: gen 2 eurojet cat pipe

    looking to buy a gen 2 cat pipe since I got the test pipe with my downpipe. thx!
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    is there heavy duty boost hose/tubing?

    I have a podi boost gauge and boost tap. i've had a lot of issues with the hose getting to hot and warping. if it happens in the summer time it will pop a hole in the tube, and now that it's cold out the tube is so deformed it can't stay rigid in vacuum. is there heavy duty tubing out there...
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    WTB: podi stepper motor boost gauge

    my podi boost gauge died and i want to replace it. I already have the mount i just need the gauge and the sender.
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    south jersey (moorestown) meetup

    we've been meeting up near the sports authority on centerton rd in moorestown. i believe the proper address is 100 centerton rd, moorestown. the weather is great today so you have no excuse not to go! :biggrin:
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    which fuse locations for wiring boost gauge?

    I installed my nifty podi boost gauge using these helpful directions but I couldn't get any power :thumbdown:. I have two questions: question 1: does anyone have a diagram of the fuse box so i can see which locations would be good? question 2: can i just push the add-a-circuit into the fuse...
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    WTB: podi single pod column mount unit

    looking to get a podi single pod unit for my GTI. i already have the gauge, i just need the column mount. thanks in advance!