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    '07 Rabbit locking issues

    Hi everyone, Been trying to research my issues I'm now having with my electronic locks with my '07 Rabbit. My rear driver side door will not lock at all, not with my key fob, manually pressing the lock switch, or using my key in the driver side door lock. Also, when I lock my car with the...
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    Good Upholstery Shop in Houston

    Hi. I have a '07 Rabbit with the headliner sagging, was hoping to get that worked on and maybe when the time comes the fabric around the door panel is showing some signs of sagging. Anyone in the Houston area know of a decent place to get this fixed? I worry about people breaking the moldings...
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    Question about fuel filter bar rating for 2007 Rabbit

    Hi, So I just did my fuel filter change, and noticed that the new fuel filters by VW for my '07 Rabbit are now 4.0 Bar, and not the 6.4 Bar. Is this correct? And if anyone knows, why the change? I already called like 3 VW parts departments and gave my VIN to confirm what filter it needed. I...