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  1. chaddicus

    2006 High Beam Question

    Sense I've had my GTI, the hight beams only seem to activate on the the outside xenon bulbs. Is this correct? Cause I know I have the two inner lights but they don't seem to do anything. What gives?
  2. chaddicus

    How many set of brake pads do I need?

    So I'm needing to replace my pads, I'm going on year 3 and just shy of 50k. How many sets of pads do I need to purchase? Everywhere I go it says the price is for a pair. Is that for 1 wheel or 2? Let me know if you would and if you could share a good site to get some decent OEM pads and...
  3. chaddicus

    Halo, New American in Germany needing some winter rims

    So I just moved to Hohenfels down here in Bavaria. I'm in need of some winter wheels for my 06 US spec GTI which will be here at the end of February. Anybody have any 5x112 bolt pattern wheels for sale? Thanks all.
  4. chaddicus

    Finally somje pics of my 06 TR

    So I finally got around to painting my front and rear badge along with the front GTI and installed my tails. I know everyone will bash on the black altezzas but I don't care, I think it looks good. Enjoy and bring on the critics.
  5. chaddicus

    Good Wheel Websites

    What are some of the better aftermarket rim websites for our GTIs?
  6. chaddicus

    WTB: 4 Door Audi/Jetta/Golf

    Currently lives in Tennessee looking for a 4 door jetta/golf/gti/audi. Trying to stay under 11k with nothing over 90k miles.
  7. chaddicus

    Smoked Headlight covers, I'm disappointed.

    So I finally got the headlight covers from TM Tuning. Well not exactly the ones I ordered. I wanted the dark smoked but they were out of stock and would be for a foreseeable future. So I opted for the light smoked. anyways I'm not a huge fan of the fitment, I hate that it sticks out. Well...
  8. chaddicus

    anyone know the diameter of the rear emblem?

    Anyone know where I can find or how to measure the diameter of the rear emblem? Thanks
  9. chaddicus

    Anyone have a DIT for painting the VW emblems?

    Everyone says "paint your emblems yourself" but I can't seem to find a DIY thread for it. Anyone have a decent how to? Thanks
  10. chaddicus

    Anyone use the Headlight covers from TM Tuning?

    I just ordered me a pair of dark smoked headlight protectors. Anyone else have these? If so how do you like them?
  11. chaddicus

    Any good ole boy Alabamians in here?

    I'm not from AL by any means, just stationed here at Ft. Rucker. Anyways just seeing if there are any locals in the FT. Rucker, Montgomery area.
  12. chaddicus

    Who has color matched inserts for their VW emblem?

    Anybody have or sell color matched inserts for the rear emblem?:confused:
  13. chaddicus

    Would like to see a TR GTI with the black tails

    Anybody have any pics of their TR GTI with black tails? I'm really wanting to buy some but I'd like to see what it looks like before hand.
  14. chaddicus

    Why are the smoked markers so exspensive?

    45.00 for smoked markers? Anybody know where they're selling them cheaper? Heck, I can to to ECS tuning and get color matched markers for 50.00.
  15. chaddicus

    Body Kit websites?

    So I've been looking at some of the whips on here and I"m wondering what are some good sites for decent body kits for the GTI? Thanks for your help.
  16. chaddicus

    How do you install new Tails?

    I have a tornado red GTI 06, and I love black tails. I can see how to get the inner portion of the tails out but how do you get the outter tail out? Any help will be greatly appreciated.