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    How to remove emergency brake?

    How do I remove the e brake handle?
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    Photo requests: Avant Garde M310

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy new wheels for my UG. I am lowered on FK silverline x's and there's maybe 1 finger wheel gap all the time. So the only thing I am certain about is the rim size which is 18 inch. I'm really leaning towards the Avant Garde M310's but I'm not sure which finish. The...
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    Inspection in NJ

    Where do you guys get vehicle inspection in NJ? I have a catless DP and I'm trying to find the cheapest way to get my inspection sticker renewed. Perferably legally lol.
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    Will I pass?

    Will I pass inspection with a catless Eurojet DP? If I put in an O2 spacer how much will that actually help? I am from NJ so it's pretty strict here. Also, if I get a catback installed does that not help my problem or does it have no affect since it's a catback lol. Sorry if they are dumb...
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    Eurojet DP to Catback

    I have a Eurojet catless DP and I feel its time for a catback. I see on Eurojets site that if you buy the DP separately you need to purchase a J pipe for $120 along with the $600 catback.. What connects to Eurojet catless DP without the needed J pipe?
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    Photoshop Request

    Could someone please Photoshop these VMR 702's on my car? :help:
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    Snowed in.

    Thought I'd share what most of you are probably going through today on the east coast. My car will be out of commission for the next day or two. Share some pictures of your car snowed in from this winter!
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    Oil Leaks (TSI)

    I went to my dealer for routine maintenance checkup and they told me I have 2 oil leaks. They took me to my car and showed me where the 2 leaks were. One was from my forge DV spacer which I'm assuming is suppose to spray a little oil each psssssh. But another is in my engine bay coming from the...
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    Looking for DIY on 3.5mm aux ipod connection

    I have a premium 7 with silver buttons. My OEM iPod connection is in my center consul and I'm tired of using it. Could someone post a DIY on this? I would prefer the connection to be next to my ash tray. I use either my iPhone 4 or iPod 2nd gen for music.
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    Squeaking sound...

    I accidentally drove 30-50 feet on my E-Brake and hours later I hear consistent squeaking on my passenger side rear wheel when driving. Could the E-Brake be stuck?
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    Short and Simple H2Oi Video (The Strip)

    A short simple edited video I made using Windows Live Movie Maker. First time ever editing video clips. :iono:
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    Unofficial Photography from 2013 H2Oi

    Here's some of me and my girlfriends unofficial photography photos from 2013 H2Oi. Just thought I would share some photos of cars for the people who didn't get a chance to go. Sorry for the same angles, non-edited, and other non-professional things you may pick out. Feel free to add your own...
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    Light error on the dash

    I color matched my 2 side markers yesterday and light shined through. So I removed both side markers bulbs and I have an error on the dash. Also, my city lights turned off. How can I keep the bulbs out of the side markers and have no error on the dash? Thanks for the help.
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    WTB: GTI MKV Red grille strip

    The title says it all. I broke mine in half during removal. Or is it sold online anywhere? Thanks
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    HID Fogs Questions

    I'm looking to get these bulbs but I'm not sure which bulb type. Also, will i get an error on the dash after the install? Wattage: 35w Bulb type: ??? Bulb color: 4500k
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    WTB: Rear VW emblem (Chrome)

    Someone please sell me rear OEM GTI MKV rear VW emblem. (Chrome) Thanks!
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    Female iPod connect to 3.5mm

    Does anyone have one of these that connects to their center counsel ipod connection that works? If so please link! (I want to connect my iPhone 4 so I can play music through it.) Thanks!
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    Photoshop request

    Could someone photoshop these wheels on my car. Please?
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    What kind of wheels are these?

    What are these? Would they fit our cars?
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    When is everyone heading to H20?

    I am interested in joining people who head to h20 this year. I'm from central Jersey. I just need to know when and where people will be meeting up. Thanks guys