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    FS: CA, BayArea 2007 VW Rabbit CV axles

    Local pickup only: Bay Area - San Jose, CA I have both CV Axles which i attempted to re-boot but was never able to get the CV clamps tight enough. I ended up just swapping out for aftermarket. the boots may need replacement after all the attempts. Car is donated to another family member...
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    Front Belly shield and fender liners loose/damaged

    07 Rabbit. I've removed the belly shield to do maintenance. After the maintenance, i didn't reinstall the shield since there's usually more work. During test drive, i noticed the fender liners get loose and ended up getting damaged by rubbing on the tires. Fender liners are salvageable with...
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    Left Front Parking Lights - no power

    Using Light tester, there was no voltage at CECM J519 A7 pin. I was thinking of pulling the A plug but had difficulty removing Plug A while CECM J519 was still installed. Double checked A7 pin with light tester again while turning off/on headlights and noticed it had voltage for 3 seconds...
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    Left Front Parking Lights - no power

    Thanks for confirming. From the D plug. No power on Pin 10 unfortunately. I'll remove Plug A and check pin 7 on the harness for continuity to D plug pin 10. Will also check if there's any voltage from Cecm J519 A7. Is there a different Plug A pin for the right side marker or is it using...
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    Left Front Parking Lights - no power

    07 Rabbit - 2 door Got the error for Left Front Parking Lights. Left front side and the small one in the high beam are out. With a light tester, there was no power on either socket. I checked the light tester working properly on the right front side light. I checked all the fuses in...
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    Coolant leak from hose/fitting above oil pan

    Got it all buttoned up today. Will see if the leaks are fixed: Replaced thermostat housing (including thermostat), o-ring from housing to water pipe, OFH gasket + Oil Cooler gasket, intake manifold gasket, cleaned throttle body. Fresh oil + filter and currently cooling with distilled water...
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    Coolant leak from hose/fitting above oil pan

    does this look like a OFH Gasket leak? Top view right side (without intake manifold) View from bottom: right side of Oil Filter Housing Top side of engine toward right.
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    Coolant leak from hose/fitting above oil pan

    Looks like the Thermostat Housing connecting to the coolant piping i leaking
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    Coolant leak from hose/fitting above oil pan

    now that i've got some time, i'll see if i can pull the intake manifold to see where oil leak is coming from.
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    02394 - Park Light Left M1

    '07 Rabbit: Periodically the Dash shows the indicator bulb being yellow. When i read the code with Foxwell NT510, it shows 02394 In some google searches, this is the light on the side of the front bumper. In my case, the bulb was out. Replacing the bulb as well as using the working one from...
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    MKV: Knocking noise under driverside dash

    '07 Rabbit When Air or AC is on speed 1 or 2 (high speeds may be drowning out the noise), there is a light periodic rapping/knocking sound that seems to come from under the driver side dash. I was able to locate the part since it seems to attempt moving but it's stuck. Not sure if this is a...
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    2.5L Rabbit - lower idler pulley removal

    2007 VW Rabbit. Pulleys were making noise. I've replaced the upper idler pulley, both tensioners and the belts. Couldn't access the lower pulley since my torx socket didn't have enough clearance. Any hints? else i would need to find a torx bit (similar to the triple square) for the...
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    Coolant leak from hose/fitting above oil pan

    2007 Rabbit Auto 2.5L 09G (new to me) Front end has been on ramps for a while for my slow repairs. i noticed liquid dripping down the front of the oil pan (mid section). I was able to trace it to a pipe or fitting above that area. What components are above the lower hose (yellow arrow)...
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    May have over torqued - should reloosen?

    2007 Rabbit Auto 09G. I removed the transmission valve body to swap out the solenoids. During reinstall of the valve body i found info for the bolts to be 8 NM + 90˚ the 8 NM was fine and then i started the 90˚. A few bolts seem fine and then other bolts started to feel like it was too tight...