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  1. BurntGauge

    Buying vs. Leasing

    I don't know alot of ppl who lease cars but I can see some of the advantages. I kind of do get bored of my cars after a couple of years so leasing does seem to make sense, but of course, you don't own a car at the end of the lease and you can get penalized big time if you go over the miles you...
  2. BurntGauge

    Mazda CX5

    Anyone else been seeing this? I don't know why I like it but I do. Probably because it looks alot like my STi and eventually I'll have to get sensible. 160hp 26/35 mpg around $22-27k (comes in AWD)
  3. BurntGauge

    Beastie Boys - GI Joe Video Hopefully not a repost...
  4. BurntGauge

    Singer 911's

    If I had the money, this would be an amazing thing to do. That just sounds so badass...almost all carbon fiber, rebuilt and restored? Incredible.
  5. BurntGauge

    This car or That car Game

    Don't know if it's been done but I'd like to hear thoughts and opinions on why to take this car or that car. So rules are: Answer the previous person's comparison, give a reason if you like, and then post your own comparison (try to limit it to 2 cars). First one: F430 vs. Gallardo?
  6. BurntGauge

    Initial D Game

    Hope it's not a repost.
  7. BurntGauge

    My new wheels

    New wheels: DPT's 18x9.5 et44 with Yokohama S-Drive's 275/35ZR18
  8. BurntGauge

    Graphic Artist/Designer Needed

    I know some of you are artists and are good at graphics on the computer. I essentially need someone to design a logo for our budding school athletics program. School Name: River City Science Academy Mascot: Rockets Colors: White, Red, Navy I kind of want something on the level of what the...
  9. BurntGauge

    Leaving the VW ranks...

    Well, successfully left VAG family. It was not a hard separation. My MKV GTI was giving me trouble with a few things and I didnt want to put up with it. You guys probably are used to check engine lights and air bag lights and all these other things, but not me. My 2 previous cars were...
  10. BurntGauge

    FS: '06 VW GTI 6MT (FL)

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  12. BurntGauge

    Toy Story 3

    Go see it...I loved it. I had a soft side (no pun intended) for Lotso. He's soft, cuddly, and speaks well but there's another side to him. I don't want to give anything away...but I identified with him alot (no pun intended).
  13. BurntGauge

    I fell in love...

    ...with this last night. Papaya Orange Audi RS4 If I can find one under $40k, THIS will be the car. Screw the STi and IS-F....LOL.
  14. BurntGauge

    Icon 4x4's Maybe I am not that into 4x4'ing, but I see the attraction. But are these worth 80-100k? I saw one that started at 79k, another at 96k. I mean for that could have alot of cars. Comment.
  15. BurntGauge

    Alien v Predator Game

    Did anyone else play this demo and NOT like it? I had such high hopes but it's not what I thought and am very disappointed. I couldnt really see anything unless I was a predator and used infrared/thermal imaging...and then I would try to attack someone and they'd just kill me in like one or...
  16. BurntGauge

    FS: '06 VW GTI

    Turns out...not selling. Thanks for looking.
  17. BurntGauge

    Group B Rally Porn
  18. BurntGauge

    4 Door but Fast?

    I know this topic of mine has been rehashed a few times...but I am really confused. I wanna get out of my GTI and get back into either RWD or go to AWD. I need something more sporty, yet has 4 doors. Also, I'd like a manual and have it not look like balls. This is what I have been looking at...
  19. BurntGauge

    Pretty good for $300
  20. BurntGauge

    2012 M6

    Hot rendering...